Windows-Quellcode: MS warnt Filesharing-Nutzer

Windows Ein Filesharing-Nutzer erhielt von Microsoft eine E-Mail, da er sich den Windows-Quellcode aus dem Internet geladen hat und auch selber via Shared Folder zum Download zur Verfügung stellte. Microsoft ermittelte die IP, informierte dann den Provider, der die Mail an den User weiterleitete. Hier die E-Mail von Microsoft (Quelle:

To the user at [ip removed]:

The unauthorized copying and distribution of Microsoft’s protected source code is a violation of both civil and criminal copyright and trade secret laws. If you have downloaded and are making the source code available for downloading by others, you are violating Microsoft’s rights, and could be subject to severe civil and criminal penalties.

Microsoft demands that you immediately (1) cease making Microsoft’s source code available or otherwise distributing it, (2) destroy any and all copies you may have in your possession, and (3) provide us any and all information about how you came into possession of this code.

Microsoft takes these issues very seriously, and will pursue legal action against individuals who take part in the proliferation of it source code. We look forward to your prompt cooperation. Should you need to contact me, I can be reached at the address above

Very truly yours,

J.K. W.

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