Audacity V1.2.2 - Mehrspur-Audio-Editor Free

Software Audacity ist ein freier Mehrspur-Audio-Editor für Linux, Mac und Windows. Mit Audacity können Töne aufgenommen und wiedergegeben werden sowie Audiodaten im- und exportiert werden in den Formaten wav, mp3 und ogg. Die Töne können auf einer ... mehr...

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Sieht nicht schlecht aus das ding. Wäre eine Alternative zu kostenpflichtigen Programmen wie Adobe Audition.
Ich verwend den schon länger und für meine anforderungen reicht der mehr als aus, für ein für ein Open Source Projekt find "ich" den sogar äuserst gelungen !
Changelog: Changes in Audacity 1.2.2 *Meter Toolbar added for monitoring volume levels during playback and recording. Click on the recording meter to monitor the input without recording. *Export Multiple - new feature that lets you export multiple files at once, either by track, or split based on labels. *Attempt to automatically correct latency in full-duplex recordings. (This does not work perfectly, and is not yet supported on all systems. It will improve in future versions.) *Fixed a serious bug that could cause data loss when you save and then reload and re-edit an Audacity project containing repeated or duplicate data. *MP3 tags dialog will only pop up the first time you export as MP3: after that it will not pop up again as long as you have filled in at least one tag.*You can now add a label at the current playback position - in the Project menu, with a shortcut of Ctrl+M.*Clicking on a label now selects all of the tracks, making it easier to use the label track to recall selections.*Windows: Fixed a crash in the Time Track "Set Rate" command.*Fixed a bug that caused problems with recordings over 45 minutes on some Windows systems.*Mac OS X: Improved support for the Griffin iMic by fixing a bug that was causing it to always record in mono instead of stereo.*Added support for Software Playthrough (listen to what you're recording while recording it, or while monitoring using a VU meter) - this makes it possible, for example, to record using one audio device while listening to it play through a separate device.*Unix/Linux: Fixed freeze caused by captured mouse when audio device hangs. (Audacity may not respond, but it will no longer freeze all of X.)*Fixed a cosmetic bug that caused improper waveform display if you tried to open an Audacity project saved on a different platform (e.g., copying a project from a Mac to a PC).*Fixed bug that could cause instability when pasting, splitting, or duplicating a label track.*You can now change the font of a label track by choosing "Font..." from the label track's pop-up menu.*Basic printing support has been added. Currently it scales the entire project to fit exactly on one page. Try printing in landscape orientation for best results.*Mac OS X and Windows: Audacity ships with a newer version (1.0.1) of the Ogg Vorbis encoder. Vorbis compression will now have higher quality and smaller file sizes.*Fix a bug that occasionally caused crashes when applying effects to split tracks.*Zoom In / Zoom Out now properly disable when they're not available.*Always delete temporary files created by the "Preview" feature.*Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
Ach übrigens geht bei mir die Download seite nicht ... auf dieser müsst mans aber bekommen ->
Also für open source bin ich immer zu haben, werde den gleich mal antesten, da ich auch selber Musik mache, und das mit dem Freeware Tracker ModPlug. Is auch ein sehr gelungenes Programm.
Kann man aufgenommene Tracks im WMA oder in anderen Formaten aufnehmen?
@despo666: JA ... als WAV, OGG & MP3
einfach ein geiles Stück Software, benutze ich sehr gern
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