Outpost Firewall Pro 2.5 (build 369/369)

Software Die beliebte Outpost Firewall Pro steht in Version 2.5.369(369) zum Download bereit. Laut Hersteller wurden zahlreiche Verbesserungen vorgenommen und einige Fehler behoben.


Programm Features:
-Detects and blocks all intrusions by hackers;
-Blocks data theft attempts;
-Operates your computer into stealth mode, making it invisible to intruders;
-Analyzes your inbox and Quarantines Internet worms and viruses;
-Monitors network activity of your PC;
-Protects your children from illegal, inappropriate web sites;
-Provides full access to a thorough history of your connections;
-Prevents data leak from your PC;
-Averts invasions of your privacy through the Internet;
-Conceals your surfing habits when browsing the Web;
-Runs under all* Windows systems on any Internet connection with any** applications;
-Auto-configures for your best protection during installation;
-Updates information frequently through a custom utility, to ensure your protection against new attacks.

Neu in dieser Version:
  • Ability to configure local packets filtering rules in order to increase the security behind local proxy
  • Ability to configure transit packets filtering rules for better performance on the gateway PCs
  • Rawsockets control allows protecting against direct low-level socket calls
  • Ability to allow/block ICMP type 10 (Router Solicitation)
  • Network mask support in Network Address dialogs
  • Presets for working in Windows domain
  • Support for creating rules for applications with non-English names
  • Ability to add command line parameters for 'Run application' action in rules creation dialog
  • Ability to accept one changed component for all applications at once
  • Ability to view all controlled components for particular application
  • Ability to rebuild component control database from scratch
  • Protection against process memory space hijacking by malicious code (Copycat and Thermite leak tests)
  • Prompt for launching a process in hidden window (former DisableNetworkForHiddenPrcoess option in outpost.ini)
  • Password protection from unauthorized stopping/terminating of Outpost service
  • Option to turn logging off without Outpost restart
  • Export of log files in CSV format
  • Log Viewer shows records in real time
  • Component Control events are logged
  • Ability to edit application rules while performing auto configuration during installation
  • Ability to build Component Control database during installation
  • Ability to run auto configuration both during installation and when creating a new configuration
  • Access to Log Viewer can be protected by password
  • Faster IGMP and ICMP packet processing
  • "What's new" is available" from the Help menu
  • Warning if user exits Outpost or switches it to Disable mode
  • "Show Log Viewer" option added to tray shortcut menu
  • Outpost does not require a restart after entering registration key
  • All passwords used in Outpost are encrypted
  • License expiration date is shown in Outpost's main window
  • Automatically switching to Block most policy after certain period of inactivity or screen saver activation
  • Ability to select a policy for Background mode
  • Option to play sound when attack or port scanning is detected
  • Option to unblock the IP that was blocked by Attack Detection plug-in after attack or port scanning
  • Ability to turn on and off detection of attacks of particular type
  • Exclusion list of IPs from which port scanning would not be detected
  • Exclusion list of ports to which port scanning would not be detected
  • Customizing a weight of danger for port to trigger Port Scanning detection warning
  • Customizing a weight of danger to trigger Port Scanning detection warning for Low, Normal and Maximum modes
  • Fine tuning of attack and scanning detection internal parameters
  • All requests to remote port 53 violating the DNS standards are blocked
  • Ability to exclude host from being cached
  • Suspicious attachments with non-English names now also can be renamed so they cannot harm your computer
  • CLSID attachments now also can be renamed to protect from malicious code execution
  • Attachment extensions are shown in Attachment Quarantine Properties dialog
  • Ability to download list of advertisement blocking keywords from Agnitum forum (AGNIS list)
  • Import and export of the Ads and Content plug-in settings
  • Referrer blocking on per site basis allows controlling your privacy on the selected sites only
  • Option to prompt a request for blocking referrers
  • Ability to exclude specific sites from being blocked by the Content plug-in

  • BSOD on Hyper threading PCs
  • Log Cleaner crashed and slowed performance
  • Different kinds of system freezes including freeze due to alert on blocked attack, freeze during standby, freeze caused by malformed e-mails
  • Incorrect service registration distorting TCP protocol performance
  • Memory leaks due to IGMP flood
  • Troubles in rules settings for applications located not on hard disk (floppy, CD, etc.)
  • Outpost crashed during Windows shutdown
  • NetBIOS counters now show correct number of sent/received bytes
  • Blocking of access to specific sites
  • Errors while creating exclusions lists for Ads and Active content plug-ins
  • [Last Hosts] option in outpost.ini is no more logged

    Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware.
    Weitere Infos: www.agnitum.com
    Download: Software-Download

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