Net Transport 1.86a - Freeware-Downloadmanager

Dieses Tool ist ein Download-Manager für Windows, der als Freeware vertrieben wird und ohne Werbung oder Spyware daher kommt.

Wenn Sie Ihre Downloads beschleunigen möchten und es leid sind, nach abgebrochenen Downloads den Ladevorgang von vorne zu beginnen, sollten Sie einmal ein solches Tool testen!

Durch einen Klick auf den Screenshot wird dieser vergrößert dargestellt!

Das sind die Programm-Features:
  • Up to 10 (128 if you change Registry settings - see "Net Transport Help") threads for every job. An average bandwidth of one thread is above 1M bytes per second (by default). And up to 10 (32 if you change Registry) jobs could be running simultaneously.
  • A simple but powerful file manager is added. It helps Net Transport users to categorize and manage downloaded files with an ease. Both the genuine catalog and disk directories are synchronous. When you make changes to any of them the other side is also updated automatically.
  • Use internal "Site Explorer" to list server directories structure and select some or all files in a directory to download.
  • It is easy to check whether a file has been updated and whether it should be re-downloaded again.
  • Net Transport supports proxy servers. The Multiple Proxies mode allows you to set every downloading thread to use its own proxy server to overcome certain site restrictions, such as limiting downloads to one stream, allowing one download per IP address only, etc.
  • Speed limit restricts the used Internet bandwidth, permitting a user to do other Internet downloads of surf Web sites at the same time without a significant performance loss.
  • Browser clicks monitoring (MS Internet Explorer only) allows you to add links using the following ways - Internet Explorer extended context menu, dragging links to the drop zone window, etc.
  • You can set Net Transport to shutdowns your PC automatically or hang up your modem connection once all downloads are complete.
  • You can move jobs up or down the list to adjust their download priority.
  • All toolbar buttons, download information display and the rest of the user interface (including log window colors) could be customized.
  • Net Transport is being localized to show all User Interface messages and texts in your native language. The following languages are supported now - English, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. You can switch the user interface language at any time.
  • Downloads from Helix Server 9.0 are fully supported, which was not available in StreamBox VCR.
  • You can download password-protected files. BASIC and NTLM authentication is supported for MMS and RTSP downloads. In addition, RN5 authentication works for RTSP downloads.
  • Supports HTTPS protocol, and you can also download HTTPS streaming via HTTP, SOCKS4&5, which only Net Transport can do, especially in SOCKS5.
  • Support multithread feature for RTSP downloads.

    Das ist neu an dieser Build:
    * Added "Find" dialog to search a specified job.
    * Fixed wrong Host header field of a https request.
    * Added "Change Temporary Path" feature when feeling the disk space is too small.
    * Added "Keep Alive" for job solely, and "LIST" is supported for "Site Explorer", recommend use.
    * Added standard commands for RTSP to be compatible with more servers.
    * Added "Job Scheme" feature to allow user to save and switch desired settings.
    * Fixed a bug that program could not end HTTP chuck streaming.
    * Added an error handler, please email popped information to me.

    Verkaufspreis: Das Programm ist Freeware.
    Weitere Infos: NetTransport Homepage
    Download: Software-Download

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