Zoom Player Pro 3.30 Beta 1 verfügbar

Software Bei dem Tool Zoom Player handelt es sich um einen Media- und DVD-Player der sich besonders durch seine hohe Anzahl an Funktionen und der Stabilität auszeichnet. Seit heute liegt nun eine erste Beta der Version 3.30 vor, die mit zahlreichen Verbesserungen daherkommt. Hier die Changelog:
  • The Options Dialog has been split in two
  • New "System" Options dialog, allowing you to see an overview of which codecs on your system are available for the various audio and video formats and wrappers and which are missing which may prevent proper playback
  • It seems that Vorbis Audio in an OGG container is not the same thing as Vorbis Audio in a Matroska container
  • You can now specify a forced Sub-Type identification on Customized Media Mode Source Filter profiles
  • Can now associate the ".MID" Midi Audio extension
  • New setting (Options / Settings / Playback) that allows you to select whether the Speed Control on the User Interface is used for "Fast Forward/Rewind" or "Fast Play/Slow Motion" as it was in previous versions (v3.10 and older)
  • New setting (Options / OSD / Navigators) allowing you to decide whether you want "Play all files in this Directory" to appear in the File and Media Library Navigators
  • Included support for Matroska Aspect Ratio handling
  • When playing matroska files with multiple audio tracks, you will now be able to see the track name alongside the language
  • Alt+"I" will now Minimize the Player
  • More changes to the default settings to make them friendlier to a new user
  • Restructured the Right-Click context menu to be a bit more useful and less cluttered
  • Playing a Media file containing two video streams in Customized Media mode will have Zoom Player intercept the second video stream and connect it to a null renderer so no other video window will pop-up
  • Window snapping is now smoother and also made on vertical/horizontal matches
  • The Next/Previous buttons on the DVD Skin Control Bar were set to the wrong function
  • Fixed a couple of inaccuracies in the Auto-Segment loading code
  • A chapter file saved when the media file was on a read-only media (such as a CD) wasn't saved under the right name and was basically useless
  • Play List formats were not being listed on the File and Media Library navigators
  • Having the Internal Zoom Player Audio DSP filter enabled with the InterVideo Audio Decoder could cause audio issues if you change the number of audio-channel output while playing
  • Small cosmetic bug fixed dealing with folder images scaling to fullscreen even though the setting was set not to
  • 8 Bit Buffer Processing fix to the Zoom Player Audio DSP filter
Download: Zoom Player Pro 3.30 Beta 1
Homepage: http://www.inmatrix.com/
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