NeoWin.Net wird vorerst geschlossen

WinFuture Das Statement von den Admins .... "This morning when I woke up I was met with an array of problems on the site due to the fact that a member was threatening DoS (denial of service) attacks towards Neowin. This has become a tiring re-occurring problem on Neowin since January instigated by a kid with too much power and no sense to put those skills to a good cause. Despite pleas with hosts and authorities this kid has got away with his unlawful activities against Neowin and many other sites (some affiliated with neowin) and continues to control a large botnet. Due to the fact that this kid has again seen fit to use his army of bots against my site and we are powerless to stop it we have decided to close down. We informed Rackshack to power down our server until further notice. This decision wasn't easy, Neowin has been my life for the better part of 3 years, We have dedicated that time to help people and to help people stay informed about the latest news and releases for the IT sector. We don't get paid, we don't force anything on our members yet we are treated like this by a kid who doesn't even know us personally. I am sad that one child can have so much influence on the web that he can destroy a service we offered for free to over 30,000 registrations. I have posted his details on our Neowin MSN community, you can view that here. I just want to close this message by saying thanks for your continued support over the last 3 years. Neowin Admins"

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