Eudora für Windows Beta - Starke Mail-Software

Eine starke Email-Software in einer aktuellen Beta-Version.

Das ist neu an dieser Version:
- Misc minor bug fixes (tolle Aussage gell?)

Das sind die Features der Version6:
- Spam-Fighting Tools. (Windows and Macintosh) A whole suite of ready-to-use tools to stamp out unwanted junk mail. Right out of the box, most junk mail will be quarantined by SpamWatch, whose large dictionary of words can be simply added to by the user. Furthermore, Eudora`s junk mail system is open to third party developers, so that other anti-spam tools, including those running at your site or ISP, can be simply and smoothly integrated. And, in true Eudora tradition, you can tweak and tune the system to your liking.

- Content Concentrator. (Macintosh, coming to Windows soon) Junk mail is only half the story when it comes to wasting your time. You know how hard it can be to unravel a long email thread, or to find what the sender actually SAID in the midst of all the quoting, signatures, and other junk that`s inside the mail you do read. The Content Concentrator will help, by giving you a streamlined view of your email. Easily get to the meat of your email, and see whole threads at a glance.

- Format Painter. (Coming soon to Windows only) Easily copy fonts & styles from one place to another in your mail.

- Mailboxes Drawer. (Macintosh only) Macintosh OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) users now have a convenient way to access their list of mailboxes from any mailbox window.

Weitere Infos:

Eudora Size: 7,200,577 bytes Date: 6/23/03

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