Windows Update V5 Beta erreicht bald RTM

Software In einer heute versandten E-Mail erfuhren die Windows Update V5 Betatester, dass der RTM Status für Windows Update V5 bald erreicht sein wird.

Anfangs sollen nur XP-Benutzer WU V5 verwenden können. Windows 2000/2003 Benutzer werden auf die Windows Update V4 Seite umgeleitet.

Original E-Mail:

**DO NOT REPLY - THIS E-MAIL IS BEING SENT TO YOU FROM AN UNMONITORED ACCOUNT. Due to Microsoft's security requirements, the hyperlink(s) contained in this e-mail may not automatically open your browser. If you experience any difficulty, please copy the link and paste into your browser. **

Date:  July 27, 2004

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Dear Windows Update v5 Beta testers:

The Windows Update (WU) v5 RTM release is coming. As we approach the end of the WU v5 preview program, the WU v5 Beta team would like to thank all of you for helping us make major improvements to the WU site and Automatic Updates (AU). We are expecting a successful rollout of WU v5 and Windows XP SP2. Without the help of the beta testing community and our MVPs that would not be possible.

During the WU v5 RTM site rollout only Windows XP (RTM, SP1, or SP2) will be supported by the WU v5 site. Anyone using Windows 2000 SP3 (or later) or Windows Server 2003 to access the WU v5 site will be redirected to the WU v4 site. We recommend that beta testers with these operating systems re-image their computers to a pre-WU v5 image to return to the state most compatible with WU v4 and AU.

IMPORTANT - v5 AU information
Anyone using Windows 2000 SP3 (or later) or Windows Server 2003 that has visited the WU v5 site (offered as part of the WU v5 Beta program) may not receive the latest updates through AU. If you are using either of these operating systems and v5 AU to help keep your computer up to date, please do one of the following:
 ·  Re-image your computer. This is strongly recommended.
 ·  Return to a restore point created prior to visiting the WU v5 site.
If you choose not to re-image or restore, please visit the WU v4 site often to help keep your computer up to date.

After the WU v5 RTM rollout, the WU Beta team would like to keep you engaged testing new releases. This will help ensure high quality technology updates and content. We will send out information about how you can continue participating in the ongoing testing of WU, and in the next preview program. Also, following WU v5 RTM, a final survey will be created to solicit comments and improvements for forthcoming WU Beta programs.

The WU Beta team will continue to send out news updates. Please send content suggestions or comments regarding the beta page layout to or post them to the newsgroup.

Thank you!
Windows Update Team

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