DeepBurner - Gratis Brennprogramm

Software Neben CDBrunerXP gibt es nun noch ein zweites Brennprogramm welches völlig kostenlos ist. Mit gerade mal 1,43mb und den folgenden Features ist DeepBruner einen Download wert. Die aktuelle Version ist eine Betaversion.
  • added embedded logger that tracks recording panel, version of the program and version of ms windows
  • added possibility to repeat initialization of drives if the drive is not found during the first initialization
  • added illustration of percentages while recording a CD/DVD
  • added inability to close the program during the recording process
  • added prevention for splitter to be less than the specified size
  • changes in the code of drives' initialization
  • changes in program's help and license agreement
  • fixed bug when while opening a new file from windows explorer the program first asked to create a new project and only then opened the file
  • fixed control over the length of filenames and disk labels
  • fixed bug when it was possible to minimize the left window of the program without opportunity to restore it back

Download: DeepBurner (Beta1)
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