FlashFXP V3.0 Public Preview RC2 - Infos & DL

Software Der beliebte FTP-Client FlashFXP liegt ab sofort in einer neuen Betaversion 3.0 vor.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
New Features

  • Added auto-detect logic to improve passive mode handling for servers that incorrectly report their IP address.
  • Added support for FEAT and CLNT
  • Added support for Secure FXP using SSCN
  • Added Option to force Active mode to use a user defined IP or perform a external IP lookup.
  • Added support for 'stat -l' fast directory list
  • Added Support for importing Total Commander Sites
  • Added -get command line param, when passed FlashFXP will transfer a file passed via the command line i.e. ftp://ftp.myhost.com/download.exe
  • Added Multi-IP support to site profiles.
  • Added PRET support
  • Added Priority transfer list
  • Added Time Zone setting to Site Manager - By setting the time zone File/Folder times are displayed in your local time zone.
  • Added 'Hibernate' to the list of on transfer complete events.
  • Added Selective Transfer feature
  • Added option "Reveal password when selecting password field"
  • Added Transfer Graph (only ftp transfer speeds can be graphed)
  • Added Backup and Restore feature

  • Local Browser dropdown box now supports direct text editing.
  • Remote Browser dropdownbox now matches the design style of the Local Browser dropdown box.
  • Improved Site Import Dialog
  • When Deleting files from a remote ftp server symbolic links are now treated and deleted as files.
  • Improved calculate ftp space used dialog
  • Improved Ident Daemon, and added per-site option
  • Improved Support for Windows XP Themes
  • Improved the backend for the queue..supports sorting and priorities now.
  • Rewrote the compare folder feature
  • Improved File Exists Options Dialog
  • Improved the internal text editor
  • Improved Status Window - It now supports basic keyboard navigation
  • Improved SSL/TLS support
  • CHMOD command now supports recursive changes as well as changing folders separately from files.
  • Major improvements to the file listing speed
  • Major improvements to the FTP file search/list view
  • Filename case conversions are now supported in site to site transfers
  • Speed can now be displayed in Kilobits/s in addition to Kilobytes/s

  • Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software-Download
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