Outpost Firewall Pro 2.0 (Build 238/290) released - Infos und DL

Sicherheit & Antivirus Dieses Tool ist sicherlich eine der besten Desktop-Firewalls für Windows. Das sind die Features der Software:
  • Detects and blocks all intrusions by hackers;
  • Blocks data theft attempts;
  • Operates your computer into stealth mode, making it invisible to intruders;
  • Analyzes your inbox and Quarantines Internet worms and viruses;
  • Monitors network activity of your PC;
  • Protects your children from illegal, inappropriate web sites;
  • Provides full access to a thorough history of your connections;
  • Prevents data leak from your PC;
  • Averts invasions of your privacy through the Internet;
  • Conceals your surfing habits when browsing the Web;
  • Runs under all* Windows systems on any Internet connection with any** applications;
  • Auto-configures for your best protection during installation;
  • Updates information frequently through a custom utility, to ensure your protection against new attacks.

    Das ist neu in dieser Version:
  • Protocol #224 packets are grouped into connections
  • To improve performance connections to closed ports are not shown in Network Activity window
  • Redesigned trashcan window Rules Wizard dialog box and `New version found` dialog box appear in the taskbar
  • Records are added in the logs about 50% faster Improved performance when processing broadcast packets and when lots of ports are opened
  • Improved performance of Network Activity window

  • Support of Windows 2003.
  • Incorrect work (ICS, Rules Wizard don`t work etc) after swithing on/off network cable.
  • Crashes and freezes during Windows 98/ME shutdown
  • Rules do not work in Rules Wizard mode bug
  • Interoperability issues with Datapol Orange Box Now connection stays with `MODULES` state if Outpost shows "Components Updated" dialog.
  • As soon as you close "Components Updated" the status of connection is changed. Break connection menu is disabled when it is impossible to break connection
  • Wrong start up time of the connection in Network
  • Activity window Bugs in grouping non TCP/UDP/ICMP protocols into pseudo connections
  • IPSec and GRE packets are grouped in connections

    Weitere Infos und Preise: www.agnitum.com
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