Outpost Firewall Pro 2.0 released - Infos, Screenshots, DL

Sicherheit & Antivirus Endlich ist sie da - die lange erwartete 2.0-Version der Firewall Outpost. Ich benutze Outpost bereits seit über einem Jahr und habe auch sämtliche Beta-Versionen der 2er Version getestet und muss sagen - diese Firewall ist sicherlich eine der besten auf dem Markt - gerade die kostenpflichtige Pro-Version (und ich hatte alle einmal am laufen, Kerio, Norton, ZoneAlarm und wie sie alle heissen - sicherlich alles gute Firewalls, die zu Recht jede für sich ihre Anhängerschaft begeistern) - aber ich bin bei Outpost "hängen" geblieben.

Besitzer der 1er Pro-Version können übrigens kostenlos upgraden, weitere Infos hier:
Kostenlose Upgrade-Seite

Changelog (derzeit nur in Englisch verfügbar):
- PRO: New Outpost Version Released (2.0.281 + drivers 2.0.225)

Outpost Firewall Version 2 Feature List
Security Features
- New: Components Control (Anti-Leak) feature monitors components of each application you run.
- New: Stateful Inspection firewall technology provides superior security to packet filtering.
- New: Windows Boot-up protection defends your system before any malicious programs can be loaded.
- System and application level filtering define broad and precise restrictions.
- TCP, UDP and ICMP level filtering define access for data packet transmissions.
- Internet attack blocking (nuke, etc.) averts attacks that can cause system crashes.
- Port scan detection denies access to intruders.
- Stealth mode Support makes your computer invisible to attackers.
- MD5 authentication offers added protection for encrypted messages.
- E-mail protection guards against dangerous attachments and worms.
- Firewall engine resides on the lowest possible level of the operating system, allowing Outpost filter RAW_SOCKET and direct packet sending into drivers, thus bypassing the TCP/IP stack.

Control Features
- New: Database-driven logging system gives you precise stats for every connection and event.
- Network activity monitor provides a graphic overview of your system.
- Content filtering lets parents control site access for children.
- One click to block all traffic or disable the firewall.
- Software runs as a service.
- Custom settings are password-protected.
- Trusted IP group maintains confidentiality.
- Individual configurations allows customization by multiple users.
- DNS caching speeds connection times.

- New: Banner ad blocking (including Flash ads) and pop-up window blocking keep frustrating ads off your screen.
- Cookies blocking maintains Web privacy and protects personal information.
- Web history (referrers) blocking conceals surfing habits.
- Active elements blocking for ActiveX, Java, Visual Basic scripts, and Java applets protects your system from malicious programs.
- Ease of Use and Compatibility
- New: Auto-configuration sets up 95% of your applications, system and local network settings during installation.
- New: Remote Desktop support.
- New: Fast User Switching support lets users efficiently share one computer.
- ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) support allows networked computers to share one Internet connection.
- Wizard mode simplifies automatic rule creation.
- Predefined system and application settings cover all common tasks such as browsing the web, allowing ICQ, allowing DNS or DHCP, etc.
- Highly customizable user interface.
- Online, direct updating of plug-ins and settings for protection against new attacks. Automated updates mean you simply press Update Now.
-Individual configurations for multiple users.
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