DirectX Beta Interim2 (0648) an die Tester

Entwicklung Microsoft veröffentlicht eine neue Build von DirectX. Die Build trägt die Bezeichnung: DirectX Beta Interim 2 (0648). Release Notes:
  • After installing the DirectX 8.1 Interim 2 SDK on Windows® 98 and Windows 98SE
  • you will notice that the `Retail` and `Debug` subfolders are missing from the SDKDev
  • folder. This is due to an unfortunate bug in our install process that was unable
  • to be fixed for the Interim 2 release. If you install the SDK with the default "Debug"
  • runtime option, all DirectX debug components will be installed. However, if you
  • install with the "Retail" you will only have the switchable DirectX 8.1 debug
  • components available. If you need to switch between the full debug runtime
  • components and the retail components, we advise you to keep the downloaded
  • DirectX 8.1 Interim 2 SDK available.
  • Some of the DirectInput® sample project files (.dsw) will mistakenly build
  • Unicode executables by default. These executables will not run on Windows 98 and
  • Windows 98SE platforms. If you build these samples, you may want to manually
  • specify that they be built for `Win32 Debug` to ensure they run across all
  • platforms. The .dsw files will be updated with the next release.
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