UltraVNC 1.0.4 RC 17 - Fernsteuerung von Windows

Tuning & Überwachung UltraVNC (Ultra Virtual Network Computing) ist ein kostenloses Programm zum Fernsteuern von Windows-Computern über Netzwerk, also auch das Internet. UltraVNC basiert auf dem bekannten WinVNC und ermöglicht es zusätzlich Daten zu übertragen. Die Software erlaubt den Fernzugriff mit Hilfe eines kompakten Viewers, der ohne eine Installation eingesetzt werden kann. Auf diesem Weg kann man auch aus der Ferne bestimmte Programme nutzen, die auf dem heimischen PC installiert sind. Auch zu Wartungszwecken ist UltraVNC bestens geeignet.

Die wichtigste Neuerung in dieser Version ist die verbesserte Unterstützung für Windows Vista. Die finale Ausgabe von UltraVNC 1.0.4 soll bereits in naher Zukunft veröffentlicht werden.

  • Exceptions thrown with no message cause access violations when Report called.
  • All message boxes are now properly parented to the viewer window so that they are modal. We ran into quite a few that ended up behind the main window, or behind the file transfer windows
  • Socket timeouts are now used during file transfer so that connections lost while connected to a repeater are detected (We have a multistage repeater chain (server -> repeater -> repeater-> repeater -> viewer that doens't reliably tear down connections on network failure. Don't ask ;) )
  • A small keepalive message is sent every 5 seconds after receiving a file chunk to keep the server or viewer from timing out during a read. This is necessary because there's no flow control in the FT protocol. I didn't notice a decrease in throughput. Keepalive support is negotiated between viewer and server. Should be fully backwards compatible, though I suppose if the viewer doens't want keepalives, the server should not use the socket timeouts.
  • The prompt for exit is now respects the m_fExitCheck setting if the 'x' in the full screen titlebar is clicked
  • Another big change to the file transfer module is that a temporary file is used to hold the file being transferred. When it is successfully completes, it is moved to the original file name -- resume still works too. This was because when a file transfer is interrupted, a user (ie, service tech) can't tell if the file is complete.
  • The close button on the file transfer dialog is now enabled and disabled during file transfers. You can't close the window with the 'x' during a transfer, but you can otherwise
  • Many variables are now properly initialized.
  • The black layered window is now brought to the top every 20ms -- the start menu is still visible on the remote system so this change makes it go away faster. It's not a good fix but I couldn't find a better way with the time I had.
  • You can now register the service with a custom name.
  • Simplified Copy_to_temp and copy_to_secure_from_temp
  • When the network connection is lost, a message is shown "Connection lost due to communication failure" instead of "writeexact: socket error while writing"
  • socket read/write errors now break the while (connected) loop in vncclient.cpp
  • Simplified file handle cleanup
  • FT crash fix, lock screeen while transfer
  • quickoption fix: Was not saved correct
  • repeater: found bug that required server to be connected first.
  • Now you can connect server or viewer first
  • Viewer: option are now correct loaded.
  • The problem was the the presets didn't have "manual set", this cause the presets always to be loaded on top of manual settings.
  • server now take as commandline
  • autoreconnect -id:???
  • id:???
  • Single repeater connection
  • server had a possible error ( reconnect couldn't happen if shutdown by service is requested)
  • View Only, comment text: Alt+Ctrl+F3
  • Ctrl+Shift+Esc open Task Manager on winvnc application and service
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 send Ctrl+Shift+Esc if winvnc run as application
  • dead keys \' ^`"´ and € + winkey shortcuts (Windows Logo Key)
  • Scroll Lock ON, winkey + shortcuts sent to remote
  • Scroll Lock OFF, winkey + shortcuts are local (default)
  • 8bit (switching codec+colors) vncviewer crash, fixed.
  • auto scaling remote screen improved to fit to local screen
  • winvnc with mirror driver 1.22 active only when viewer connected, fixed
  • ExitCheck (default=false vncviewer config file)(pgmoney)
  • vncviewer, View Only (check box) and title bar
  • vncviewer, command line encoding, added zrle and zywrle
  • vncviewer auto scaling big screen of remote server to small video screen local viewer.
  • vista, uvnc_service already installed as service (winvnc)
  • Start service (need to be previously installed) (Jeff for w2k fix)

Homepage: UltraVNC.SF.net

Lizenztyp: GNU General Public License
Download: UltraVNC_1.0.4_RC17_Setup.exe (2,14 Mb; SF.net)
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