VirtualDub 1.8.3 Stable - Freie Videobearbeitung

Video VirtualDub ist ein kostenloses Videobearbeitungs- und Videoschnitt-Programm mit einer simplen Oberfläche, aber einem großen Funktionsumfang. Anders als für viele Konkurrenzprodukte, stellt die 2 Gigabyte Datei-Hürde unter Windows für dieses Tool kein Problem dar. Weiterhin unterstützt VirtualDub auch Linear Editing, Motion-JPEG, MPEG-1 Video, Layer 3 Audio, Echtzeit-Aufzeichnung und vieles mehr.

  • Fixed issue where main window failed to appear on first start on some systems.
  • JobControl: Job control dialog now shows machine name and PID.
  • Filters: Added mOutputFrame field to VDXFilterStateInfo for reliable frame rate change operations.
  • The window maximized state is also saved in addition to position/size.
  • Reopening a video file that has multiple audio streams no longer loses secondary streams.
  • Scene detection now works again when RGB565 or a YCbCr format is selected as the input format.
  • Input preview didn't start in the correct place if a frame rate changing filter was present.
  • The picture format tokens (p/P) in the timestamp UI options sometimes started from 1 instead of 0 due to rounding errors.
  • Fixed stall at frame 0 when attempting to render with a VBR audio stream that has an extremely low data rate.
  • Filters: Fixed field order swapping in bob doubler.
  • JobControl: Fixed distributed list sync errors due to mixing up revision numbers when switching job files.
  • Capture: Process and thread priority are now restored after capture rather than being unilaterally reset to normal/normal.
  • Fixed audio desyncs with frame rate conversion.
  • Type-1 DV audio works again.
  • The video.SetRange() command works in unadjusted source milliseconds again.
  • Fixed read errors with AVI files that have frames out of order in the index. (Note: This is rare, and often actually a sign of a corrupt index.)
  • Filters: Filter sampling didn't work correctly if there was a conversion required at the start of the filter.
  • Capture: Fixed crash in screencap driver with OpenGL capture disabled.

Eine optimierte Version für 64-Bit-AMD64-Systeme kann hier heruntergeladen werden.


Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos
Download: (1,30 Mb; Englisch;
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