Shareaza RC2 - Quelloffenes Filesharing-Tool

Software Das beliebte Filesharing-Tool Shareaza hat einen weiteren wichtigen Meilenstein in seiner Entwicklung erreicht. Jetzt wurde die Version RC2 veröffentlicht. Shareaza vereint zahlreiche Filesharing-Netzwerke unter einer Oberfläche, darunter auch das inzwischen trackerlose BitTorrent.

  • Fixed non-resizable Search dialog (now can be resized as before) (Rolandas)
  • ParseVolume(): Return 0 for strings that don't indicate if they are in bits or Bytes. (wildcard_25)
  • Fixed icon loading from XML resource file (quick fix, because no idea what this algorithm supposed to do before, and someone broke it). (Rolandas)
  • Reduce buffer re-allocations. Remove some unused variables. Fix some casts. (wildcard_25)
  • Smart upgrade for the media plugins (Rolandas)
  • Fixed Library Builder code treating S_FALSE as a failure (Rolandas)
  • Fixed File Executor executing folders as files (Rolandas)
  • Changed mouse behaviour in Folder View: Double-clicks on folders opens Window Explorer; 300 msec delay for single-click to colapse/expand folders. (Rolandas)
  • Extended G1/G2 query hit error messages (raspopov)
  • Optimized drag-n-drop (raspopov)
  • Fixed forgotten Tiger (raspopov)
  • Url decode/encode functions moved from Cconnection class to globals + some optimizations (raspopov)
  • Optimized Hits update function. I found host with 7000 dup files. Small gif used as page marker inside large amount of html files. Browsing was slow like hell. (raspopov)
  • Fixed pSource->m_bPushOnly in CDownloadWithTorrent::CreateTorrentTransfe (CyberBob)
  • Added ShareazaPlus identification over ed2k (ale5000)
  • Added the "open downloads folder" to the tools menu. (ale5000)
  • Added support for dumb users copypasting magnet links to search input boxes (raspopov)
  • Changed Home tab to be more userfriendly (raspopov)
  • Added support for shell and internet shortcuts (.lnk and .url files) (raspopov)
  • Replace references to for point to sourceforge (ale5000)
  • Fixed BT crash (CyberBob)
  • Use CBuffer::Send method (wildcard_25)
  • CBuffer::Send() Update to use a speed limit. (wildcard_25)
  • Use CBuffer::Receive method (approx 2x speed increase for socket reads) (wildcard_25)
  • Receive() Add data read from the socket directly into the buffer, instead of via a temp buffer. Update to use a speed limit. (wildcard_25)
  • Clean up CBuffer header (wildcard_25)
  • Allow failed ED2K clients to be removed if needed. (wildcard_25)
  • Minor optimisation for active download identification (50% less time spent in new function) (wildcard_25)
  • Enable BT debug messages. Use initialisation list. (wildcard_25)
  • Changed download group dialog icon selector (raspopov)
  • Fixed bittorrent schema uri case (raspopov)
  • Fixed file dowloading at ftp server root (ale5000)
  • Fixed download group filter dups (raspopov)
  • Fixed file dowloading at web-server root (raspopov)
  • Added .torrent metadata reader (raspopov)
  • Download groups file extensions now adds from schemas (raspopov)
  • Added .torrent schema uri (raspopov)
  • Added metadata merging (raspopov)

Lizenztyp: GPL General Public License (Open Source)
Download: Shareaza_2.2.5.7_RC2.exe (4,78 Mb)
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