RocketDock 1.3.0 - Zusätzliche Schnellstartleiste

Software RocketDock ist eine animierte, transparente Schnellstartleiste, die stark an ObjectDock erinnert. Die Software wurde entwickelt, um eine Alternative zu anderen Programmen dieser Art zu schaffen, die vom Autor von RocketDock als zu instabil oder schlecht animiert betrachtet werden. RocketDock läuft auch unter Windows Vista, ist kostenlos und lässt sich vollkommen an die Wünsche des Benutzers anpassen. Das Programm unterstützt mehrere Monitore und lässt sich mit Hilfe eines USB-Sticks auch unabhängig auf verschiedenen Rechnern nutzen. Selbst langsamere Computer sollen problemlos mit RocketDock klarkommen.

  • Added "Minimize windows to Dock" (with realtime previews under Vista with Desktop Composition enabled)
  • Added ability to store all settings in "Settings.ini" (for portability)
  • Added Icon Activation FX options
  • Added Hover Effect option
  • Added Icon Opacity option
  • Added Zoom Opaque option (Fades Icon Opacity to 100% when zooming)
  • Added Zoom "Plateau" mode (like "Bubble" only flat at the peak)
  • Added the ability to set a negative Edget Offset (down to -15px)
  • Added Popup on Mouseover Delay option
  • Added Behavior Settings area
  • Added ability to have multiple custom icon folders
  • Added ability to browse executable files as "folders" for icon resources
  • Added support for Vista icon resources
  • Improved Icon Transitions
  • Added "Running Task Indicators"
  • Added "Open Existing Application Instance"
  • Added a simple Clock Docklet
  • Changed Recycle Bin Icons to have 2 states
  • Added a hot key to toggle RocketDock visibility (CTRL+ALT+R)
  • Fixed multi-monitor issue with RD forgetting your setting when connecting/disconnecting monitors (or using Remote Desktop).
  • Fixed Icons adding to the end of the dock.
  • Fixed many window layering issues (Icons and Labels)
  • Fixed Vista UAC awareness issue
  • Icons now maintain image size ratio
  • Improved icon resource support
  • Fixed Thread/Handle leak
  • Fixed Icon Settings crashing in the System32 directory
  • Fixed icons being reloaded when canceling the Dock Settings window
  • Lock Icons now prevents you from dragging in new icons, but allows you to drag onto other icons.
  • Fixed Docklets forgetting their icon image
  • Fixed special shortcuts loading incorrectly (My Computer, iTunes, Office)
  • Fixed Icon / Separator shifting glitch affecting "pixel-perfect" skins
  • Changed Separator spacing to 1/2 that of a normal icon.
  • Fixed random Icons not sliding (usually after pressing cancel in the Dock Settings window)
  • Fixed AutoHide working while in Settings windows.
  • Fixed crashing when right-clicking on the context menu. Right clicking is now functional as well.
  • Fixed relative paths not executing properly.
  • Ported hooks to C++ and merged into a single dll (RocketDock.dll)
  • Added German and French documentation
  • Optimized bubble algo and label rendering...
  • Minor bug fixes that I can't remember :)

Lizenztyp: Freeware
Download: RocketDock-v1.3.0.exe (6,48 Mb; WF-Mirror)
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