cFos 7.01 Build 2964 Beta - ISDN- & DSL-Treiber

Software Vom ADSL,PPPoE,ISDN-CAPI- und ATM-Treiber cFos wurde die Beta-Version 7.01 Build 2964 zum Download freigegeben. cFos bietet viel mehr Features als die Standard-Treiber. Als besonderes Highlight ermöglicht cFos die Erhöhung der Internet-Geschwindigkeit durch Traffic-Shaping. DSL-Features:
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Onlinezeit- und Volumenzähler
  • Zeitsynchronisation
  • Diagnose Log-Datei und Verbindungsbericht
  • Starten von externen Programmen beim Ein- und Ausloggen
  • Smart Inactivity Timeouts

  • Traffic-Shaping
  • 0190er Nummern Blocker
  • Kanalbündelung
  • Anrufmonitor
  • Daten-Kompression
  • Homebanking
  • X.31 (Datenübertragung im ISDN D-Kanal)
  • Analog-Modem Unterstützung
  • Automatische Protokoll-Auswahl für eingehende ISDN Rufe

  • + cFosSpeed default skin now has a nice explanatory "panel" that pops up when you hover over one of the active areas.
  • Recoded RX (downstream) traffic shaping. This should help especially BitTorrent users with improved download speed and better ping times. To further increase your download speed, limit the number of receiving connections. 400 seem to be normal with Azureus, but 50 result in better download speed. This fix could as well help users that had the effect of dropping TX rates over time.
  • RX (downstream) traffic shaping can now be switched on or off by setting "cfo gset rx_shape 1" resp. "0". In the same way traffic shaping can now be totally switched on or off by setting "cfo gset shape 1" resp. "0".
  • "cfo cons" output can now be sorted and only specific columns can be printed. Use -sort: to sort and -show: to specify the columns to be printed. Column keys are case significant. -noudp and -notcp will not print UDP resp. tcp connections.
  • HTA dialogs are now existant only once and pull their language specific texts from the regular ml-file speedml.txt. Translators now only have to translate speedml.txt and no longer work on the HTA files as well. Dialogs are available in all our previously supported languages, which are: German, English, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish and traditional Chinese.
  • "Current Connections" has a new design and can now be sorted.
  • Added "medium /?", "set medium /?" and "set method /?" with a list of available settings.
  • Settings entry in context menu is now again visible under Win2000.
  • Fixed an endless loop when changing firewall setting (through command line or 'Settings' menu).
  • Fixed dump_sessions 4. Thanks to martin winkler. :)
  • Now cFos properly distinguishes between http media downloads and streamed plays.
  • Fixed Kademlia detection.
  • Switched off tooltip display for skin windows.


Lizenztyp: Shareware (45 Euro)
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