Tiny Hexer Final - Kostenloser Hex-Editor

Software Tiny Hexer ist ein kostenloser Hex-Editor für binäre Dateien. Er kann durch sein Mdi-Interface mehrere Dateien gleichzeitig editieren, Sektoren von Datenträgern lesen und virtuellen Speicher aus anderen Prozessen bearbeiten. Tiny Hexer ist skriptfähig und kann Dateistrukturen in einem speziellen Browser darstellen.

  • the problem with data execution prevention on xp sp2 should be solved
  • removed the "maybe" setting of the find text and replace text checkboxes in the "Find/Replace" dialog
  • modified status bar to show virtual offsets
  • changed the "Edit/Goto" command for allowing virtual offsets
  • Big Endian setting in the "File statistics" dialog
  • similarity comparison
  • support for ibm single and double precision floating point data
  • added in the structure viewer: script selector, "from zero" button
  • added type inspector, editor finder and calculator tools
  • support for alternate data streams on ntfs
  • settings are no longer stored in the registry but in a database file under %Application Data%\mirkes.de\tiny Hexer\\settings.dat
  • the positions of mdi child windows are no longer persistently stored (which was useless)
  • alternate selection/position display (relative to eof)
  • added the ability to record macros (key strokes and menu commands) as tiny hexer scripts
  • added a file properties window
  • now you can use mathematical expressions in the value editor
  • changes in tiny hexer script:
    • changed behaviour of TEXT2DATA() and TEXT2DATABE() in the third parameter
    • abbreviation # for the CALL() function
    • added GOTOEOF and SENDCHARACTERS file properties
    • changed REG... functions to allow for using the new settings database to store/retrieve options
    • added functions and special variables: ABS(), ARCCOS(), ARCSIN(), ARCTAN(), BIN(), CEIL(), COMP(), COS(), COT(), DEC(), DOUBLE(), EXP(), EXTENDED(), FLOATTOIBM4(), FLOATTOIBM8(), FLOOR(), FRAC(), FRANDOM, HEX(), IBM4TOFLOAT(), IBM8TOFLOAT(), INT(), ISFLOAT(), LOGN(), LOG10(), MAX(), MIN(), OCT(), ODD(), PI, ROUND(), SIGN(), SIN(), SINGLE(), SQRT(), TAN(), TRUNC()
    • added power (**) and floating point division (//) operators
Homepage: Mirkes.de
Lizenztyp: Freeware

Download: mpth_17.exe (2,1 Mb)
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