Quintessential Player Dev. 107 - Multimedia-Player

Software Quintessential Player (QCD) ist ein kostenlos erhältlicher Media-Player für Microsoft Windows, welcher eine optisch ansprechende Oberfläche und zahlreiche Optionen bietet. Er unterstützt unter anderem folgende Formate: MP3, CD Audio, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, VQF, MP+, Windows Media und Streaming Audio.

  • fixed Core - player windows remaining after 'show desktop' (bug #1253,#1242,#1052)
  • fixed Core - player fails to restore after 'show desktop' (bug #1129)
  • fixed Core - switching from a maximized skin puts new mode in upper left, other maximize fixes (bug #1231, #1280)
  • fixed Plug - crash in Lame MP3 encoder when Lame not installed
  • fixed Plug - CD information edits not being reflected in player (bug #1179)
  • fixed Plug - crash in tagger browsing for artwork (bug #1240)
  • fixed ML - missing view pane context menu for folder views
  • fixed ML - no longer force the selection to be displayed on sort, unless it's user triggered
  • fixed ML - improved unskinned drawing for media library (bug #1216)
  • fixed ML - freeze when dialogs opened from ML (bug #1215)
  • fixed ML - add to library bug (bug #1270)
  • fixed ML - files being imported on tag changes (bug #1266)
  • updated Plug - better messaging for missing Lame DLL in MP3 encoder
  • updated ML - include album year when sorting by artist
  • updated ML - added file date columns to audio/video
  • updated ML - only sort visible portion of a tree list (sort sub trees as they are expanded)
  • updated ML - more comprehensive list in Shoutcast genre tree
  • updated ML - Merged Columns can now use icons
  • updated ML - Core messaging improvements (better Window messaging, better performance)
  • updated ML - added Tooltips to toolbars (Windows floating and QMP status)
  • updated ML - View trees expand on single-click, play on double-click
  • updated ML - view/tracklist selections now occurs on mousebutton up
  • added ML - added Icecast Radio Listings plug-in
  • added ML - text/icons option for ML toolbars
  • added ML - record added/record modified columns
  • added ML - added playlist track order column to playlist manager

Homepage: www.quinnware.com

Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos
Download: qmp107.exe (3,0 Mb)
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