Quintessential Player Dev. 106 - Multimedia-Player

Software Quintessential Player (QCD) ist ein Freeware Media-Player für Windows, mit einem netten Äusseren und vielen Optionen. Er unterstützt unter anderem folgende Formate: MP3, CD Audio, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, VQF, MP+, Windows Media und Streaming Audio. Nach einer längeren Pause erscheinen nun wieder regelmäßig Entwicklerversionen.

Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • fixed Core - Full mode opens shifted down
  • fixed Core - Cdda plugin reenabling itself
  • fixed Core - Secondary decoder search now looks beyond default plugin
  • fixed Plug - CDRoms not being listed in player
  • fixed Plug - Replay Gain crash
  • fixed Plug - Video window QuickTrack settings not working
  • fixed ML - Ratings reset after tag changes
  • fixed ML - Expanding view tree snaps to highlight
  • fixed ML - Crash on doube-click in view tree
  • fixed ML - Years disappearing on edit
  • fixed ML - Editing/Deleting Shoutcast stations did not update treeview
  • fixed ML - Couldn't add ratings to autoplaylist rules
  • fixed ML - 'Delete from disk' buggy
  • fixed ML - Folder Views not able to set root folder
  • added ML - added 'Remove missing files from Library'
  • added ML - double-click device separators to collapse/expand
  • added ML - view pane context menu items
  • added ML - added Portable Device support plugin
Homepage: Quinnware.com

Lizenztyp: Freeware
Download: qmp106.exe (3,0 Mb)
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