µTorrent 1.4 - Speichersparender BitTorrent-Client

Software µTorrent ist ein nur 130 Kilobyte großer BitTorrent-Client für Windows, der trotz seiner minimalen Größe mit einer guten Ausstattung aufwarten kann. Die Software wurde entwickelt, um den Betrieb des Host-Computers so wenig wie möglich zu beeinträchtigen. Eine Installation ist nicht nötig. Der Client belastet die CPU in geringem Maße und kommt normalerweise mit weniger als vier Megabyte Arbeitsspeicher aus. Er verfügt jedoch über alle Eigenschaften, die ein guter BitTorrent-Client mitbringen sollte. So kann er mehrere Downloads gleichzeitig durchführen und ebenso festlegen, zu welcher Uhrzeit wie viel Bandbreite genutzt werden darf.

Die heute erschienene Version 1.4 ist gleich 15 Kb grösser als die Vorherige, bietet aber auch eine ganze Reihe neuer Features, die den Umgang und die Nutzung von µTorrent erleichtern sollen.

  • Feature: Added boss key
  • Feature: Turn on/off multiscrape
  • Feature: Statistics on help menu
  • Feature: Option to enable/disable new tray behavior
  • Feature: Double click in files list opens the file
  • Feature: Use Shift when clicking on the main listview's columns to setup a secondary sorting order.
  • Feature: Ability to select label from the Bitcomet style add dialog
  • Feature: Support sending a hostname to the tracker (it will be resolved)
  • Feature: Bitcomet style Torrent Add dialog.
  • Feature: Added-On column
  • Feature: Delete thumbs.db when deleting torrents
  • Feature: Append .!ut to incomplete files.
  • Feature: Added some more values in the seeding time dropdown
  • Feature: Run a program when a torrent finishes.
  • Feature: Setting to enable/disable DHT when scheduler turns off.
  • Feature: Added upload limit / download limit columns
  • Feature: Lower the amount of active torrents if upload is set too low.
  • Feature: Lower download speed if upload is set too low.
  • Feature: Show a message if some incompatible firewalls are loaded in memory.
  • Feature: Boss key now hides the settings window too.
  • Feature: Argument /MINIMIZED and µTorrent starts up minimized (suitable for autostart)
  • Feature: Check for updates every day.
  • Feature: Don't send HAVE pieces to seeds.
  • Feature: Timeout requests that never arrive
  • Feature: RSS Reader
  • Feature: Support RSS cookies. Append
  • :cookie:uid=12345;password=asdkjad at the end of the url, or equivalent.
  • Feature: Wildcard matching in RSS window supports ?* and |. I.e. you can write Foo*|Bar* to match strings starting with Foo or Bar.
  • Feature: Ability to not put computer in standby while torrents are active.
  • Feature: Multi scrape.
  • Feature: Speed Wizard
  • Feature: Allow a single IP in ipfilter lines.
  • Feature: net.outgoing_ip to specify which IP that's used for outgoing connections.
  • Change: Try to detect hacked bitcomet.
  • Change: Scheduler limit doesn't apply if in turn-off mode.
  • Change: Show a more informative message if tracker is sending invalid data.
  • Change: Changed queue algorithm for fast connections to work better when there's disk overload.
  • Change: Tweak some settings
  • Change: Print additional info to the log in case there's a "element not found" error
  • Change: Add folder name when adding through RSS
  • Change: Scrape. vs torrents in internal list are calculated a little bit differently in the main list
  • Change: Swap the order of my requests / their requests in the Reqs column in the peers tab.
  • Change: Connect a little bit more aggressively to peers.
  • Change: Increased http timeout to 60 seconds
  • Change: Built-in tracker didn't support &ip=
  • Change: Don't reconnect to banned peers after 1 hour.
  • Change: Reset last connect time when restarting torrent
  • Change: Auto detect how much bandwidth to use for DHT
  • Fix: More robust detection if µTorrent is already running.
  • Fix: Prevent ? and * from being used in filenames.
  • Fix: Not all gzipped http downloads in connection:close mode with a content-length specifier worked right.
  • Fix: Connect to peers in a round-robin fashion when multiple torrents are active.
  • Fix: Auto detect some more parameters if invalid values are given.
  • Fix: Better detection if BitComet clients threw away my requests.
  • Fix: Don't preallocate diskspace if using compact mode
  • Fix: Sorting files tab by starting piece should show them in the order they appear in the .torrent
  • Fix: More robust crash handler.
  • Fix: Hopefully fixed refresh issue for people with objectdock
  • Fix: New algorithm to minimize the number of waste pieces.
  • Fix: Added some clients to version decoder
  • Fix: Don't start multiple processes on Japanese windows.
  • Fix: Fixed unpause bug.
  • Fix: Disconnect peers if global slots reached even if local slots not reached.
  • Fix: Tweaked performance on high speed connections
  • Fix: Use less CPU when force rechecking skipped files.
  • Fix: Disk Overloaded feature wasn't working right.
  • Fix: Refresh window immediately when adding a torrent through explorer.
  • Fix: Speed graph would wrap for very large numbers.
  • Fix: Save to a network share didn't work.
  • Fix: Some more strings are now translatable.
  • Change: Rearranged settings dialog
  • Fix: Lower DNS caching time.
  • Fix: Better move up/down
Homepage: www.utorrent.com
Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos

Download: utorrent.exe (130 Kb)
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