Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 1 erschienen

Software Nachdem der erste Release Candidate (RC) der neuen Firefox 1.5 zunächst um einige Tage verschoben wurde, wurde die neue Version nun heute veröffentlicht. Am 11. November soll, abhängig vom Feedback zum RC1, bereits der zweite Release Candidate erscheinen.

  • Support importing home pages from (some) other browsers and multiple versions of Firefox Start.
  • [Mac] Delete (backspace) key should go back on Mac, too.
  • Support :-moz-read-only and :-moz-read-write pseudoclasses.
  • Make the dom.max_script_run_time pref work. (This pref controls the "this script is running slowly" dialog.)
  • Change default for from 0 to 2.
  • (Make "Force links that open new windows to open in... new tabs" not apply to with specified width, height, or other features.)
  • Need to reduce padding for bookmark menu items.
  • Menus and contextual menus open on wrong screen when using dual screens.
  • Not able to type in textbox of the main window after download completes.
  • Saving image does not open the save location window sometimes.
  • Many reliability fixes for software update.
  • Converting to UTF-8 a url with an unescaped non-ASCII chars in the query part leads to an incompaitbilty with most server-side programs. (Fixed by backing out the change for 261929, Send urls in UTF-8 by default (images/links with non-ASCII chacters not displayed).)
  • Installer options for shortcuts don't work (update/install adds unwanted icons to desktop/quick launch, creates empty folder in start menu).
  • Extremely slow scrolling of
  • window.focus() in a background tab can steal focus from foreground tab.
Eine ausführliche Auflistung der Änderungen in dieser Version findet sich in den Release Notes.


Lizenztyp: Mozilla Public License
Download: Firefox Setup 1.5rc1.exe (5,00 Mb, deutsch)
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