Quintessential Player Dev. 104 - Multimedia-Player

Software Quintessential Player (QCD) ist ein Freeware Media-Player für Windows, mit einem netten Äusseren und vielen Optionen. Er unterstützt unter anderem folgende Formate: MP3, CD Audio, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, VQF, MP+, Windows Media und Streaming Audio. Nach einer längeren Pause erscheinen nun wieder regelmäßig Entwicklerversionen.

Änderungen in dieser Version:
  • fixed Core - windows moving to desktop edge unexpectedly
  • fixed Core - dont show message when selecting edit on empty playlist
  • fixed Core - dont allow dups of extensions in tag plugin settings
  • fixed Core - double-click song display to edit doesnt edit current song
  • fixed Core - better playback/encoding conflict messaging
  • fixed Core - a number of internal fixes
  • fixed Plug - ID3 plugin saving settings to bad ini file
  • fixed Plug - Gracenote plugin wasn't initializing SDK language on start
  • fixed Plug - TagEditor mangles track number
  • fixed Plug - APE tags not reading APE data if ID3v1 exists
  • fixed Plug - ID3 tags failing on stripping when no ID3v1 present
  • fixed Plug - issues tagging newly ripped files
  • fixed Plug - fixed file renamer when setting root folder to root
  • updated Core - shortcuts: Ctrl+L for playlist changed to Ctrl+Y (L used for library)
  • updated Core - added popup context menu handler to shell extension
  • updated Core - added 'testformat' to input/playback/encode plugin interfaces
  • updated Core - allow HWND to be set for menu ops to receive return msgs
  • updated ML - no longer let MusicID update empty fields for edited items
  • updated Plug - don't add current file when selecting ReplayGain in playlist
  • updated Installer - auto-sets 'install for all users' if set previously
  • updated Installer - Gracenote SDKs are now private to app (not installed to windows/system)
  • updated Shell - File and Folder context menus are now a popup menu
  • added Core - shortcuts: Ctrl+R to toggle encoder
Lizenztyp: Freeware
Hersteller-Homepage: Quinnware.com
Software-Download: qmp104.exe (2,87 Mb)
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