Zoom Player 4.50 Standard - Multimedia-Player

Software Zoom Player ist ein Multimedia-Player, der als kleines, schnelles Tool eine gute Alternative zum Windows Media Player. Die Kompatibilität kann mit Codec-Packs beliebig ergänzt werden. Generell werden DVDs, MP3s und Audio-CDs unterstützt. Das Anlegen von Playlists ist ebenfalls möglich. Wie der Name schon verrät, verfügt der Player über ausgezeichnete Zoom-Funktionen.

Änderungen seit RC2:
  • Ctrl+C now copies the content of a Red error message to the clipboard.
  • New Comm API messages (1020,1021) indicating Fast Forward and Rewind states.
  • New Customized Media Playback profiles for LPCM MPEG Audio.
  • The "External" tab on the Advanced Options page has been updated to support the latest version of the WinDVD Decoder.
  • Loading ASX Playlists would only add the first file in the list.
  • The default web navigator file setting was not being saved properly.
  • The Internal Screen Saver will now cover the entire screen area and not just the screen area active by the current Aspect Ratio (navigator interfaces were not hidden by the screen saver). Also, file names appearing in the screen saver can now contain unicode characters.
  • Setting the Player Thread Priority would not have an effect until the player was restarted. Now the effect is instant.
  • When specifting a default file navigator starting path, the starting file index was not always correct.
  • When set to only show an icon on the system-tray, a task bar button could have appeared when double-clicking on a media file from an external program (such as explorer).
  • Loading GraphEdit ".GRF" files will no longer throw an error when Customized Media Playback mode is enabled.
  • The DVD Title on the skin was not center-aligned.
Lizenztyp: Freeware
Hersteller-Homepage: inmatrix.com/zplayer
Software-Download: zp450std.exe (1,0 MB)
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