musikCube 0.92.4 Beta - Musikdateien verwalten

Software musikCube ist ein kostenloses Programm mit dem man seine MP3- oder OGG-Sammlung aufgeräumt halten kann. Es läuft unter allen NT-basierten Betriebssystemen und wird nach Aussage der Entwickler niemals Skins enthalten - es soll sich so gut wie möglich in die Umgebung des Betriebssystems integrieren. In Zukunft sollen weitere Formate unterstützt werden.

  • Added right click -> play next, play now, enqueue, replace now playing, and replace now playing and play in both the playlist and selection box views
  • Fixes the bug where the tray icon would disappear if explorer crashed
  • Fixes some bugs where the database would be queried twice instead of once. (a nice speedup)
  • Fixes a nasty bug where deleting files from multiple libraries could work incorrectly
  • Fixes bug where rating a song in the playlist may not work correctly
  • Fixes bug where incorrect tag properties could be displayed
  • Fixes some random crashes people were experiencing with the option "double clicking an item queues it in now playing" option selected
  • Pressing F5 requires the selected dynamic playlist
  • Dropping files on a devices no longer crashes
  • Times played is now incremented when the song starts, instead of when it ends
  • Clicking on the time elapsed in the playing area now toggles display between time elapsed and time remaining
  • Added code to put list of currently used genres from the database at the top of the genre pulldown in the tag properties dialog box
  • Wrapped OpenURL in a try...catch block -- Tunage should no longer throw a message box if it fails due to lack of internet connection


Lizenztyp: Freeware/Kostenlos
Download: musikCubeSetup_0.92.4.exe (2753 KByte)
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