phpMyAdmin 2.6.1 pl2 - Verwalten von Datenbanken

Internet & Webdienste Webmaster von größeren oder auch kleineren Web-Projekten, die Ihre Daten in einer Datenbank, wie z.B. MySQL, halten werden dieses nützliche Tool - vielmehr Script - sicherlich kennen. Die Rede ist von der kostenlosen Datenbankverwaltungssoftware phpMyAdmin. PhpMyAdmin ermöglicht es, bequem über ein Web-Interface Inhalte und Strukturen von Datenbank von überall aus der Welt zu managen. Somit ist es ein leichtes, neue Datenbanken anzulegen, Tabellen zu erstellen, zu bearbeiten oder zu löschen, neue Benutzer anzulegen, Daten in Tabellen zu bearbeiten und beliebige SQL-Statements abzusetzten.

Erneuerungen (von 2.6.1 auf 2.6.1 pl2):
  • Big speed improvement (if using auth_type = 'cookie') by using the mcrypt library (if available on your system)
  • Improved wording when adding fields
  • (mysqli) support for compressed protocol and CLIENT_LOCAL_FILES
  • Clickable active server in left panel
  • Improved ANSI mode in various scripts
  • Hints added (light bulb)
  • Database copying
  • New Database Operations tab: note that many db operations have been moved here, including the PDF schema generation dialog
  • Optional simple blocking of root login
  • Binary log display
  • Index creating on multiple fields
  • Improved displaying of messages below tabs
  • Handle MySQL "duplicate entry" error
  • User list: top index for user initials
  • Support for OLD_PASSWORD() function
  • Under MySQL 4.1.2+, we no longer need the control user to have rights over the "mysql" db
  • New checks for common index problems
  • Upload: show filename of uploaded file
  • Improved page selector when browsing foreign table values
  • Improved handling of InnoDB constraints
  • Speed up display for left panel with PMA infrastructure is used
  • New message "no activity..."
  • Support of keywords NAMES and VIEW
  • Can now edit next entry (based on the next numeric primary key)
  • New warnings related to the use of mbstring
  • Improved navigation in calendar
  • Export: selectable SQL compatibility
  • PDF schema: added support for output in UTF-8

Bug-Fixes (von 2.6.1 auf 2.6.1 pl2):
  • Security fix against some crafted data allowing arbitrary program execution (if PHP safe mode is off and external transformations are activated)
  • Security fix against a possible attack on read_dump.php (if PHP safe mode is off)
  • Incorrect appending of LIMIT to queries
  • Export: insufficient space to save
  • Export: convert end of line chars we get from MySQL
  • Wrong double column sort (with JOIN)
  • Export: (mysqli) some fields wrongly exported as BINARY
  • Illegal mix of collations for converted strings
  • Wrong tabbing from value to value
  • Allow work on temporary tables
  • UNIX_TIMESTAMP and optional parameter
  • Export: improved zip headers
  • 0 as field name caused problems
  • Incorrect handling when no default server defined
  • Export: Use just for SQL exports
  • Comments and multi-table selects
  • Security: deactivate the list of programs for external transformations
  • Incorrect handling of OFFSET
  • Better displaying of table-specific privileges for a db containing an escaped character
  • Since 2.6.0-pl3, connecting on a non-standard HTTP port did not work
  • Do not catch Alt and Shift keys
  • Do not duplicate constraints when exporting multiple databases
  • Illegal length for LONGTEXT
  • Moving/copying a table: problem with constraints copying
  • Reloading frame on multiple queries
  • Collations on non-text fields
  • Use standardized MIME type for gzip/bzip2
  • Problem with field names like 000
  • Timestamps problem under MySQL 4.1.x
  • Support Option key for field moving in Safari
  • Error when adding a FLOAT field under MySQL 4.1.x
  • Headers sent on invalid login
  • Wrong treatment of MySQL error 1060
  • Problem in bookmark logic when using MySQLi
  • (pl1) Possible XSS attack
  • (pl1) Remote file inclusion
  • (pl1) Error when blowfish_secret is empty
  • (pl1) Wrong parameter count with PHP 4.1.x
  • (pl1) (Japanese) Undefined index
  • (pl1) (mysqli) Wrong detection of a failed connection
  • (pl2) Fixed instability introduced in -pl1

Nachdem am 24. Januar diesen Jahres die Final-Version 2.6.1 veröffentlicht wurde (WinFuture berichtet) folgte nun heute nacht die Version 2.6.1 pl2 (Patch Level 2). Diese beinhaltet zahlreiche BugFixes welche seit dem letzten Final-Release, am 24.01.2005, entdeckt und u.a. von Usern eingesandt wurden. Alle wichtigen Links im Anschluss.

Release Notes: Alle Änderungen für die Version 2.6.1 pl2

Download: (2.5 Mb, Freeware - GPL)
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