Tweak-XP Pro V4.02 - System-Optimierung

Software Dieses Programm ist sicher eines der bekanntesten WindowsXP-Tuning und Optimierungs-Tools. In einer übersichtlichen Oberfläche können Sie etliche Optimierungsvorgänge starten, das Aussehen Ihrer Windows-Installation verändern, Ihren Arbeitsspeicher optimieren, Ihre Internet-Einstellungen "tunen" und so vieles mehr.

Das sind die Features:
  • clean up your registry with Tweak®-XPs Registry Cleaner
  • create a RAM discdrive and load files as fast as possible
  • use Tweak®-XPs DiscDrive Doctor to detect and fix harddisc problems
  • backup your Microsoft software activations
  • view and inspect files in your Internet Cache folder
  • restrict access to your startmenu items
  • improve the readabilty of your monitor: ClearType™ configuration
  • don't let other people see what files you recently used: clear the 'Recent files' lists of lots of common programs
  • remote-shutdown your system
  • optimize and personalize your Windows® XP with just a few mouseclicks
  • tune lots of hidden Windows® XP settings
  • customize the Windows® XP startmenu
  • tune lots of desktop settings
  • make the Windows® XP taskbar transparent
  • enable several hidden performance options of Windows® XP
  • block internet banner ads
  • block Internet Explorer Pop-Ups
  • configure Outlook® XP security settings
  • check the integrity of ZIP files and repair them
  • create virtual desktops
  • automatic wallpaper changing
  • limit access to the taskbar, or parts of it
  • create desktop shortcuts to useful Windows functions
  • configure the Windows application 'Cool Switch' feature
  • create virtual discdrives
  • convert your compressed folders to selfextracting .exe files
  • tune your CPU and display adapter
  • optimize the physical RAM of your machine
  • optimize the Windows® XP cache settings
  • optimize your Internet connection speed
  • censor the execution of applications
  • protect any folder on your harddisc and hide its content from Windows® Explorer
  • control what is started on Windows® startup
  • tune your Internet Explorer
  • display the internet history files and remove them
  • rename hundreds of files just by one mouseclick
  • generate passwords
  • destroy files securely
  • find unnecessary files on your harddisc
  • and lots more ...

  • Das sind die Veränderungen in der Version4:
    - Auto-System-Tuner: tunes your system automatically
    - Auto-Service-Tuner: tunes your system services automatically
    - 'Windows XP Prefetcher' tweaks
    - Automatically check RAM requirement
    - Change the Windows desktop style
    - Bandwidth monitor
    - Improved Internet Cache Inspector
    - Port Monitor
    - Better Systeminformation section
    - Harddrive Information section
    - Process and Task Monitor
    - RAM Disk Drive driver - full support for Windows XP SP1 and SP2
    - Retrieve your Windows XP and Office CD installation keys
    - Disable and enable screenfonts
    - Modify, and restore system configuration files
    - completely re-designed userinterface
    - support for 120 DPI screenfont settings
    - Tweak-XP Screensaver

    Das ist neu an dieser Version (Changelog):
    -New CPU tweaks for the AMD Opteron, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon 64, and the AMD Athlon 64 FX processor
    -New CPU tweak for the Intel Celeron D processor
    -Some changes to the Auto-Tuner
    -Fixing a problem that caused an error message to appear on startup on some machines
    -Fixing a bug where Tweak-XP was freezing under certain circumstances
    -Lots of optimizations for a faster loading of the different features of Tweak-XP
    -Fixing a bug in the registered version that caused a problem with multiuser licenses
    -Several optimizations, and improvements
    -Some minor bug fixes

    Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware.
    Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software-Download

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