A43 File Management V2.37 - Dateimanager Free

Dieses Tool ist ein kleiner und feiner Dateimanager für Windows. Er bietet sich als sinnvolle Alternative zum Windows-bordeigenen Windows-Explorer an und kann einfach mal getestet werden.

Das sind die Programm-Features (Herstellerangaben):

  • Integrated text editor with unlimited size. Dynamic highlighting for the web.
  • Integrated zip/unzip features. Simply drag-n-drop files or click a button. You can also turn your zip archives into self-extracting archives the same way.
  • Integrated file search to quickly locate and jump to those lost files.
  • Integrated quick launch area for fast access to the programs you use the most.
  • Favorite buttons to quickly open those often used folders.
  • Dual-pane view for those that demand speed in file management.
  • Requires no installation, no data is written to the system registry. A43's configuration information is saved in a local .ini file.
  • Keep it on your pen/jump drive and take it where ever you go.

    Das ist neu an dieser Build:
    Version 2.37 -> Released 9-27-04
    - Fixed folder tree problem of menu not displaying when right-clicking on virtual items.
    - Moved the Follow Unzip checkbox to the Browse for Folder dialog.
    - Will now check for the presence of a language file (language.ini) on start and use it if present.
    - Hopefully this is a start for those who have been requesting localization.

    Das Programm ist kostenlos erhältlich.

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