Omega Drivers v2.5.76 released

Treiber Die beliebte Treibermodifikation der Treiberschmiede Omega Corner steht seit heute in Version 2.5.76 zum Download bereit. Die Omega Treiber basieren auf dem ATI Catalyst 4.9 und unterstützen alle Radeon Grafikkarten/Grafikchips unter Windows 2000/XP.

Laut Hersteller bestechen die Omega Treiber durch eine höhere Performance und bieten außerdem eine verbesserte Bildqualität und Stabilität gegenüber dem orginalen ATI Treiber.

-Based on the official Catalyst 4.9 drivers.
-Removed ATITool from the package, it had many bugs and disabled a lot of stuff, like DVI support and DDC. If you have it installed, I recommend that you uninstall it before installing this set of drivers.
-Re-Enabled Overclocking Anti-Protection, it was missing from last release, sorry.
-Modified the ATI CP, now the Omega Drivers will use a built-in, special RadLinker version with the following features: (some new, some old)
-Uses NO resources.
-Some new settings for both D3D and OGL.
-Can set Automatic Per-application profiles for OGL & D3D applications.
-Desktop Gamma is working and NOT resetting to default after exiting a game.
-Integrated Overclocking.
-No need for Gamma Hotkeys anymore since you can now set an individual Gamma value for each game in their profile and done.
-This new CP was made in conjunction with ChrisW, maker of Radlinker, as an exclusive feature for the Omega Drivers and we will keep adding features in future releases.
-Modified driver installation/uninstall procedure with several new automatic features.
-Since RadLinker is now a vital part of the Omega Drivers, it will not be an option to select during setup anymore, it will now automatically look for and uninstall ANY previous version and replace it with the new one.
-Now, when uninstalling the Setup tools from the Omega options in the Start Menu, you will also have the option to uninstall the Display drivers in one pass.


Weitere Infos:
Download: ATI Omega Treiber W2k/XP Version 2.5.76 (15.87Mb)
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