KeePass 0.97b - Passwort-Manager Free

Dieses Tool ist ein Open-Source Passwort-Verwaltungstool, das sich zunehmender Beliebtheit erfreut. Gerade wenn Sie zunehmend mehrere Passwörter verschiedener Art verwalten müssen, kann Ihnen solch ein Tool sicher nützlich sein.

Durch einen Klick auf den Screenshot wird dieser vergrößert dargestellt!

Das sind die Programm-Features:
- Highly encrypted databases
- Support of master passwords and key-disks
- Runs on all Windows operating systems and doesn't need to be installed
- Export password list to TXT, HTML, XML or CSV files
- Import from CSV and CodeWallet(Pro) TXT files
- Easy database transfer
- Support of password groups
- Time fields support
- Drag-n-Drop support
- Fast copy fields to the Windows clipboard
- Searching and sorting
- Multi-language translation support
- Strong random password generator
- Low memory requirement
- Open-Source!

Das ist neu in dieser Version (Changelog):

- Improved in-memory passwords protection (for both master password and all stored passwords)
- Fixed two bugs in the relative paths handling; one which could have caused the auto-open function not to work any more; another, which could have caused problems when always opening the same database
- Improved font handling in the main dialog, Japanese should be displayed correctly now
- The window state (maximized, etc.) and original size (size when not maximized) are remembered correctly now
- Fixed a bug in the edit-entry dialog (the password sometimes was just empty and didn't match the repeated password)
- Fixed orders of translation calls in some dialogs, which could have caused problems
- Updated ReadMe file (added Japanese translator to credits)
- Some minor bugfixes and improvements

Das Programm ist kostenlos erhältlich.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download
Download Sprachversionen: Software-Download
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