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Software Mit diesem, kostenlos erhältlichen Add-On folgt auch Lavasoft dem "Tuning"-Run und bietet ein Tweak-Tool an, um die eigenen Produkte aus dem Hause Lavasoft schneller laufen zu lassen.
So schaltet das Programm z.B. überflüssig animierte "EndofScan"-Meldungen etc. ab und bietet so dem User die Möglichkeit, den Programmlauf auf das Wesentliche zu konzentrieren.

Das sind die Features (Herstellerangabe):
User Interface Modifications Include
- Hide the text information (Status lines)
Hides the text information shown on some pages ("Doubleclick an item to show details.. " etc).

- Hide flashing bug after scan
Hides the "flashing bug" image that shows up at the end of a scan if critical objects have been detected.

- Hide MRU items on detailed statistics
Hides the entries for MRU items in the detailed statistics list.

- Use IE Icon for Browser Hijack Objects (regardless of reference-type)
The image shown on the scan result list usually reflects the type of reference (files show a different image then a registry key etc.) using this option, all references assigned to "possible browser hijack attempt" will use an Internet Explorer icon instead of the actual image associated with its reference-type.

- Show WebUpdate GUI during automated updates
Shows the WebUpdate user interface during automated updates (command line, startup mode, etc).

- Ad-Aware window caption
If empty, the default title will be used for the Ad-Aware main window, otherwise the content entered in the edit box will be used.

Scanning Engine Modifications Include
- Flag all encoded url references as possible browser hijack attempt
If an encoded url is used (Example: %77%77%77%2e%6c%6f%70..) Ad-Aware will assume it is a possible browser hijack attempts and translate the url in the logfile.

- Flag all unrecognized Alternate Data Streams
Using this option will let Ad-Aware put any detected alternate-data streams (except for those streams that the user has chosen to filter) in the results list, whether the object in question is malicious or not.

- Skip IE Cache (Temporary internet files) folder during scan
This option will allow you to filter out temporary internet files when performing a scan.

- Skip system restore folder during scan
As specified, the system restore folder will not be scanned.

Additional Options Included
- Validate folders after editing Ad-Aware preferences
Varifies if the path entered by the user in the Ad-Aware preferences (log files, definition file, etc) is valid and alerts the user if it isnt. this has been made optional since remote paths may be temporary unavailable.

- Skip automated saving of clean logfiles
Log files will not be created or saved for scans that do not include detected content. In other words, if Ad-Aware does not detect anything during the scan, a log file will not be created.

- Delay (seconds) if delayed loading is active
The default delay time for initializing Ad-Aware is 15 seconds. Using this option will allow you to increase the delay timing to a maximum of 120 seconds for slower systems.

- Append this text to logfile
Adds the text entered in the edit box within the header section of the log file. Text can be appended up to a maximum of 255 bytes.

Please Note: If settings have been modified, Ad-Aware should be restarted after the plugin closes.

Tweak SE preferences can be exported by using the following registry key (export the entire key)
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareLavasoftAd-Aware SE

Das Programm ist kostenlos erhältlich.
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