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Software Die Musicmatch Jukebox steht ab sofort in der deutschen Build 9.000.156 zur Verfügung. Es handelt sich dabei um eine All-in-One Software zum wiedergeben, verwalten, rippen, brennen und kaufen von Musik. Ab der Version 9  bietet das Programm eine überarbeitete Oberfläche und soll weniger Arbeitsspeicher benötigen, weiterhin ist ein Filter integriert wurden, der nicht jugendfreie Texte aus der Musik schneidet. Ob dieser in der Praxis funktioniert, konnten wir leider noch nicht feststellen.

Das ist neu an dieser Build: (Herstellerangaben)

# Musicmatch On Demand The new Jukebox 9.0 is On Demand ready. Musicmatch On Demand is the only streaming service in the world that gives you unlimited track-level access to more than 700,000 songs for as little as $8 per month. Now you can easily search and browse artists, albums and tracks by popularity as well as related artists and personal music recommendations. You'll have instant access to the On Demand library anytime, anywhere from any PC. You can even email your favorite On Demand playlists to friends and family so they can listen, too - for FREE!
# Easiest to Use Jukebox The Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 Music Library, CD Burner, Recorder, Portable Device Manager and right click menus have all been redesigned to make managing and enjoying your music even easier. Jukebox 9.0 also includes a new full screen view, track download status indicator, and allows you to quickly sort and change folder views for easy access to all your favorite music.
# Performance Enhancements Sort and change folder views and load tracks into your Music Library faster. Also take advantage of new right-click options and enhanced "view by album art" track information display for faster access to all of your favorite music.
# Musicmatch Gift Certificates Introducing Musicmatch Gift Certificates, the most versatile gift you can give anyone. Gift Certificates can be purchased in amounts ranging from $10 - $300. Now you can give friends and family exactly what they want - their favorite music! Musicmatch Certificates are easy to buy, simple to use, and the Music Store has more than 700,000 songs that can be burned to CD or transferred to portable devices.
# Musicmatch Allowances A Musicmatch Allowance is the easiest, safest and most manageable way to buy and music downloads for your friends and family. This unique program lets you allot a pre-determined amount of songs to be legally downloaded per day, week or month. Allowances are available in amounts ranging from $10 - $100 and are billed directly to your account.
# Personalized Music Recommendations Now you can easily create and manage your listening profile to get even better music recommendations from Musicmatch. Musicmatch users can now access their listening profiles from any PC.
# Explicit Lyrics Filter Screen out objectionable Musicmatch Radio content with the new password protected Explicit Lyrics Filter.

News-Submiter: MisterX
Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware.
Weitere Infos:
Musicmatch Jukebox 9.0 (Englisch)
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