KDE 3.3 - graphische Oberfläche für Linux

Software KDE steht in Version 3.3 zum Download bereit. Mit KDE wird eine Desktop-Umgebung, ähnlich der von Windows und MacOS, auf UNIX Betriebssystemen realisiert. KDE wird von vielen Linux-Distributionen als graphische Benutzer Oberfläche zur Installation angeboten.

Gleichzeitig liefert KDE eine Reihe von Programmen für Internet, Multimedia, Graphik, Entwicklung, Lernprogramme und Spiele.


Neu in KDE 3.3:

New applications
-Kolourpaint, an easy-to-use replacement for KPaint
-Kiosk Admin Tool, a GUI frontend to the Kiosk framework, useful for restricting access to areas of the desktop
-KWordQuiz, KLatin and KTurtle expand the list of education packages for schools and families
-Kimagemapeditor and klinkstatus make life easier for web designers
-KSpell2, a new spellchecking library that fixes all of KSpell's shortcomings
-KThemeManager, a new control center module to globally handle KDE visual themes
-The Python bindings PyQT and PyKDE are now maintained with KDE in our CVS

Integration of desktop components
-Kontact is now integrated with Kolab, KDE's groupware solution, and Kpilot
-Konqueror features better support for Instant Messenging contacts, with the capability to send files to IM contacts, and support for IM protocols (e.g. irc://)
-KMail can display the online presence of IM contacts
-Kopete can display a "now listening to" message with amaroK
-Juk has support for burning audio CDs with K3B

Many small desktop enhancements
-Tab improvements in Konqueror, including scrollwheel switching
-An RSS feed viewer sidebar in Konqueror
-A searchbar for Konqueror, compatible with all keyword: searches
-HTML composing, anti-spam/anti-virus wizards, automatic handling of mailing lists, improved support for cryptography and a handy quick search bar all make their way into KMail
-Kopete gains support for file transfers with Jabber
-Quanta Plus has a VPL (Visual Page Layout) mode to make editing even easier
-aRts gains jack support, and aKode, a new multithreaded audio decoding/encoding library to replace mpeglib
-KWin has new buttons to support its full features, including "always on top"
-Over 7,000 bugs have been closed, and over 2,000 wishes have been fulfilled
-Over 60,000 lines of code, documentation and other contributions have been committed to CVS

Danke an Ich für die Information
Verkaufspreis: Das Programm ist Freeware.
Weitere Infos: www.kde.org
Download: FTP Download

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