Motherboard Monitor - Entwicklung eingestellt!


Der Autor (Alex van Kaam) des beliebten Systemüberwachungstools Motherboard Monitor (MBM) gab bekannt, dass weitere Entwicklungen am Programm eingestellt werden. Das praktische Programm wird von vielen Usern genutzt.

Es ist bedauerlich, dass zukünftige Boards nicht mehr unterstützt werden (jedenfalls nicht offiziell). 3. Hersteller Tools und Plug-Ins sollen aber weiterhin gesammelt und veröffentlicht werden.

Gründe für die Einstellung:
-The industrie itself, it is getting harder and harder to get any good info from companies, Abit and the Uguru was a good example but you can alsmost put any other name in the list, getting info from ATI, VIA, SiS, Asus is as good as impossible, and so I depend more and more on MBM users to help me with info and it is just plain frustrating to keep sending mails to companies asking for info and getting no or a BS reply back.

-Time, I spend about an hour a day answering mail and answering the forum, the FAQ does not stop many users from still mailing me with the same old questions. This is not just the users fault, the design of MBM could have been better but when I started it everything was pretty simple and the core of MBM is simply old, making changes to it requires a lot of work and changes.

-Keeping up with the sensor world, many GFX cards come out with sensor chip, I tried the plugin method in the hope that users would pick that up, a few did but overal it was not a big success, so to keep MBM up to date I would need to do the GFX stuff myself, wich means I need GFX cards. The donation I get for MBM does not make up for that I am afriad

-Motivation, 7.5 years is a long time.....

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