WhereIsIt? V3.61 B705 - Katalogisierungs-Tool

Dieses Tool ermöglicht Ihnen, Ihre CD-Sammlung einzulesen und zu katalogisieren und danach, wenn Sie nach einem Programm, einem MP3-Song, einer Datei, einem Bild etc. suchen, einfach mittels der Software die CD-Sammlung zu durchsuchen, ohne dabei die CD eingelegt zu haben.

Durch einen Klick auf den Screenshot wird dieser vergrößert dargestellt!

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
  • New and updated plugins - added new plugin for Zeiss LSM file format, updated TIFF plugin for 12-bit grayscale images in TIFF images with separate color planes, updated DcrawPlugin to the latest version of dcraw.c and added additional supported RAW files.
  • Added capability to search by whole words when using Quick Search, or searching by file names or descriptions in Advanced Search. Combining whole words searching with wildcards is also allowed.
  • Redesigned Catalog Setup dialog with added new functionality, including sorting, reverting data, auto expanding/collapsing categories etc.
  • If automatic expanding/collapsing tree nodes is selected, all catalog nodes will no longer be expanded automatically, but left unchanged instead, leaving it to the user if available disks should always be visible or not.
  • More robust handling of CRC calculations when scanning disks, certain specific cases of locked files could cause scanning to abort.
  • Disk or folder currently being scanned is now more clearly marked as such in the catalog tree.
  • Added optional ASPI drivers check in the setup program, provided by Adaptec's AspiChk.exe. Checking the state of ASPI drivers is highly recommended as broken ASPI support on the system is by far the most common cause of problems when cataloging CDs or DVDs.
  • Documented command line installation switches for the setup program in the Install.txt file, including switches for silent installs.
  • Optimized web site for W3C compliance and Mozilla/Firefox compatibility.

  • Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Shareware.
    Weitere Infos: www.whereisit-soft.com
    Download: Software-Download (3.3MB)
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