AM-DeadLink 2.00 - Fehlerhafte Bookmarks entfernen

Software AM-DeadLink findet tote und doppelte Links in Browser Bookmarks und kann diese löschen. Zusätzlich können die FavIcons aller Favoriten des Internet Explorer und Opera heruntergeladen/updated werden. Das Tool funktioniert mit Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla und Netscape.                                      
Neu in dieser Version:
-AM-DeadLink can download/update FavIcons for Internet Explorer and Opera 7.5 bookmarks (FavIcons are detected from HTML source or favicon.ico from server root)
-Support of Mozilla bookmarks
-CSV files with URLs can be checked
-Tab-delimited files supported
-Support of IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names)
-https protocol supported
-Bookmark list can be exported to text file
-Check works optional with wininet or internal method
-You can specify the number of check attempts when a site is not reachable
-AM-DeadLink saves the last check status between sessions (for bookmarks only). This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in the general options. For many bookmarks this option can slow down the loading process.
-Internal browser has a popup blocker
-Internal browser: New button to go one level up
-IE-Favorites/absolute path column: AM-DeadLink shows now the absolute path within the folder structure and not the absolute path to the *.url file
-Internal Browser: Search with Google added, search phrase is the name of the selected bookmark (toolbar button with hammer)
-Internal Browser: Replace bookmark URL with opened URL (toolbar button with hammer)
-Context menu: Show source code of *.URL file (for IE favorites only)
-AM-DeadLink can now check the existence of local directories
-The internal check method uses now cookies from Internet Explorer. If login data are stored in cookies then AM-DeadLink can now check the correct page.
-New function "Set status to OK"
-New internal checking engine
-Improved detection of IE Proxy settings
-After changing/deleting a bookmark the browser bookmark is not changed immediately, you have to save the list manually
-Internal file format (*.amd) has been removed
-Bugfix: Name or IE favorites can now contain apostrophes (')

Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Freeware.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download
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