Eudora V6.1.2 - starker Email-Client


Dieses Tool ist ein starker Email-Client für Windows und tritt in Konkurrenz zu Outlook, TheBat etc.

Viele sinnvolle Erweiterungen machen diesen Email-Client sicher für viele User interessant.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
- Fixed case where specially formatted URLs (typically used in spam) could
disguise their true destination.
- Now warning when launching attachments or other file links when file has
no extension.
- Now warning when any file link that is not in the attachment directory is
- Fixed case where attachments could be spoofed via base64 encoded
(plain-text, inline) MIME parts.
- Fixed case where tags allowed spoofed attachments.
- Now block hrefs that reference javascript when
"Allow executables in HTML content" is turned off.
- Fixed crash that could occur when clicking on an invalid long URL in
Eudora's built in viewer.

- Fixed another case where an IMAP Junk mailbox was not being recognized as the
official Junk mailbox.
- Fixed the problem where messages would mysteriously disappear from the IMAP
Junk mailbox.

- Fixed problem introduced in 6.1.1 where in some cases Eudora could have
address book related errors which manifested as warning messages about
renaming "NNdbase.tmp" and resulted in address book TOC corruption.

Verkaufspreis: Das Programm ist Shareware und kostet 49$.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Downloadseite

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