WinMX V3.52 Beta 5 - Filesharing-Tool

Software Das sehr bekannte MP3-Sharing-Tool WinMX, ist in einer neuen Beta-Version erschienen. Mit WinMX wurde die einfache Benutzerführung von Napster mit dem Multi-User-Connect System aus dem Edonkey-Netzwerk vereint. 
Neu in dieser Version:
  • minor layout changes in channel list window
  • /me display problems
  • unban by ip crash fixed
  • added /clearlogins and /level_auth_clearlogins
  • savecfg will put a /clearlogins just above logins in cfg file
  • added /level_view_adminflaggedmsg and /level_view_adminflaggedmsgthresh
  • process n in MOTD
  • single char channels now visible in list
  • favorite channels system
  • manual join case insensitive on address chars for wpnp channels
  • can create channel by cfg #
  • whois icon missing in beta 4 fixed
  • topic or channel name change only generates notification to users other than caller if topic or channel name actually different
  • auto-scroll while selecting text in channel display window
  • shift key assisted text selection in channel text display
  • /lslogin will not show logins with access level above caller

Lizenztyp: Das Programm ist Freeware.
Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download

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