Neue Version der WindowsUpdate-CD für Betatester

Software Die Betatester der neuen WindowsUpdate-CD von Microsoft können seit heute eine überarbeitete Version dieser CD herunterladen. Darauf befinden sich fast alle Patches die seit dem Erscheinen des Service Pack 1 veröffentlicht worden. Hier die Mail, die an die Bhetatester ging: Dear Beta Tester:

Here's a big Thank You to every one of you, for the great job you have done for this ISO beta project!

You have found many valid bugs. This has provoked many good comments from the Windows Update team concerning our beta users' testing ability and productivity. The majority of the bug reports are well thought out and detailed. That really helps us to speed up the bug triages and fixes.

Microsoft is very fortunate to have you as our beta testers! I am so proud of this beta team.

In case it seemed like this was all, fear not: a new ISO version has been prepared, including fixes for the bugs that you have reported.

The new version of ISO file is out and anchored at the same page as the previous version in . Please have a look at it, especially if you reported bugs against the previous version - if you see a regression or experience a new issue, please report it - screen shot, log files, and detail information. Keep this in mind, not all bugs have and/or will be fixed.

We're almost there...

Thank you for all your hard work!

Windows Update Beta Program

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