Messenger Plus! Extension 2.52.71 - neue Version

Software Bei Messenger Plus! handelt es sich um eine inoffizielle Erweiterung für den MSN Messenger von Microsoft. Zahlreiche nützliche Funktionen werden hinzugefügt, beispielsweise das Setzen von Abwesenheitsnachrichten.


  • New feature related to the Toast Notifications - You can ask Messenger Plus! to display notifications when your contacts sign in
  • From now on, nothing is checked by default and you must select between "I accept" and "I refuse" before you can click on "Install"
  • The "accept" word is in capital letters and clearly specifies that it will install the sponsor program in addition of Messenger Plus!
  • To avoid confusing people who don't take the time to read anything that's written in the screen, "Sponsor Agreement" is displayed in bold on top of the agreement
  • The popup sound is played correctly for custom notifications when a contact changes his/her status to online
  • Toast popups are displayed correctly at the top of the screen every time (when appropriate), even when the taskbar is hidden
  • Custom emoticons can now be displayed in the Quick Icons panel
  • The old name of your contacts should be displayed properly every time in name change notifications
  • The parameter of the /persostat command is 1 based, not 0 based
  • Using Boss Protect or Lock Station while status is personalized doesn't change the status (when going in or out)
  • Has now complete support for multiple monitor systems
  • Because Microsoft recently changed their rules concerning friendly names, a new multi-format coding system had to be created
  • Text mess-up bug fixed when using names with multi-format tags in combination of the Name Truncate and Custom Name features
  • Added a /noformat command
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

  • Weitere Infos:
    Download: Software Download

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