TMPGEnc Plus DVD Author - DVD-Tool

Mit dieser Shareware werden Sie zu Ihrem eigenen DVD-Produzenten, sie können Ihre MPEG-Dateien bearbeiten, ändern, etc.

Die Ergebnisse Ihrer Arbeit können Sie danach direkt auf einen Rohling schreiben.

Das sind die Features (Originalbeschreibung des Herstellers):
The newest features in TMPGEnc DVD Author
1. Can create "Motion menu" that uses movie clips as source
It is possible to create a menu with motion using a video clip as source like in commercial DVD. Motion menu can be used for not only the menu background but also the menu picture.

2. High playback compatibility DVD Writing ability (adopted the PxEngine)
Included in the software is a high playback compatibility DVD writing tool, based on the well known "PxEngine". Using this tool it is possible to create reliable original DVD.

Main features
1. A user friendly interface with an easy to use five-step procedure.
We have designed the work procedure in five easy steps so even beginnners can start making their own DVD-Video at once.

2. Supports every setting in TMPGEnc Plus 2.5.
TMPGEnc DVD Author supports MPEG-2 files encoded with advanced settings, such as a 3:2 pull down and a reverse 3:2 pull down, which other conventional authoring software does not. By using files produced with TMPGEnc you can obtain high quality DVD-Video.

3. Fast preview and work response when working with Cut edit or inserting Chapter points.
The editing function and inserting Chapter points is carried out using thumbnail display in the GOP structure, and can therefore be done while watching the original source in a a preview window.

4. Quickly convert MPEG files to ifo, VOB files without re-encoding.
Since DVD Author does not re-encode the video file, you can quickly convert MPEG files to a DVD file folder structure without degrading the quality.

5. Convert to 2 Channel DVD Audio, where the left and right channel has been split up.
Supports MPEG-2 source files captured from bilingual TV broadcasts. By splitting up the audio into the right and left channel, it is possible to create bilingual DVD-Video.

6. Supports using DVD-VR (VRO format) files recorded on a DVD-RAM recorder etc. as input files.
You can use VRO files recorded on a DVD-RAM recorder as source files. Editing can be done easily and a DVD-VIDEO file can be created. *7

7. Re-edit your DVD-Video files (VIDEO-TS.ifo).
You can re-edit the DVD-Video you have already created. Because the chapter point information is also acquired it is not necessary to insert them again. Without losing quality you can redo you DVD-Video.

Das ist neu an dieser Build:
[1]The MPEG file parsing function.
[2]The quality and the speed of the "sound re-sampling".
[3] The DVD writing tool [PxEngine] has been updated.
[4] The transition to Standby, during the writing process(DVD writing tool), will be locked from the new version.
[5]The script used for ,"when the tracks has been played, display Main menu".

[1] When reading DVD-Video/VR, the aspect-ratio information of the IFO will be used prior to the MPEG one. It will fix a problem occuring when reading some 16:9 (aspect ratio) source file as 4:3 source file.
[2] For the MPEG decoder, the bug concerning the header reading-error of MP2 and AC3 has been fixed.

Verkaufspreis: Das Programm kostet als Vollversion 68$.
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Weitere Infos:
Download: Software-Download

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