MSN Explorer 9.0 Beta 2 Refresh

Software Die Betatester des MSN Explorers in Version 9.0 erhielten gestern Abend eine Mail, in der die Verfügbarkeit eines Refreshs angekündigt wird. Dieses beinhaltet viele Bugfixes und neue Funktionen, die auf den Bug-Reports der Betatester basieren. Hier die E-Mail: Dear Beta Tester,

The first refresh of three for the MSN Beta software is launching this afternoon, September 30th. Based on your feedback, the MSN Beta 2 Refresh includes some of the major fixes to bugs you've submitted as well as feature suggestions we've received. (More to come in the next refreshes too.) Now, it's your chance to go through and see how the product is changing and evolving based on what we're hearing for the MSN Beta Testing Team. Releasing beta software updates is another step in the software development process that helps MSN to make sure we have improved the experience as intended. As you continue with your testing, please go back and use the following key feature areas after you complete the MSN Beta 2 Refresh update:
  • Sign-in - Timely and automatic sign-in
  • E-mail - Send, receive and delete e-mail, spell-check, font readability and sending photos
  • My MSN - Customization and saving changes, drag and drop functionality and weather information
  • Messenger - Sounds and sign-on
  • Pop-up Guard - Sounds and display settings
  • Error messages - Internal, sign-in and sign-off

Thanks for your continued support! We appreciate all your hard work to help improve MSN. - MSN Beta Program Team
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