Messenger Plus! 2.21.54 veröffentlicht - DL Inside

Software Bei Messenger Plus! handelt es sich um ein inoffizielles Add-On für den MSN Messenger von Microsoft. Es erweitert das Chatprogramm um einige nützliche Funktionen, beispielsweise das Setzen von Abwesenheitsnachrichten und vieles mehr. Hier ist die Changelog für die neue Version 2.21.54:

  • Full compatibility with the new MSN Messenger 6.1.
  • Full compatibility with MSN Messenger 5.0.575 (Windows 95 release).
  • Some translations have been improved.
  • New translation added: Hungarian.
  • When the /all command is used, tags are now interpreted differently for each chat.
  • The Initialize() function of C/C++ plugins isn't called in a different thread anymore (it make things easier if you want your plugin to display a window.
  • The title of chat windows is now always updated correctly to remove multi-format tags from contact names.
  • Some people are experiencing problems with their encryption password (Messenger Plus! refuses a valid password). The reason of this problem has yet to be found, however, if you get the bug with this new version, you'll have a workaround: go in the Preferences, click the "Change" button and reenter your password (same one or a different, your choice). This will reset Messenger Plus! internal settings so that you can continue to use your password as if nothing happened.
  • The "Old Password" field has been removed. Instead, the "Change" button is disabled when you're not signed in.

Download: Messenger Plus! 2.21.54
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