DVD2SVCD 1.2.1 Build 1 - Download Inside


Das beliebte Tool DVD2SVCD steht seit heute in einer neuen Version zum Download bereit. Wie der Name schon sagt, handelt es sich dabei um ein Programm (bzw. um mehrere Programme unter einer Oberfläche) zum Rippen von DVDs. Hier die Changelog:

  • Bug fix: In the former version, if you were using CCE you had to enabled "Add ResampleAudio" in the frameserver tab
  • Enhancement: AVI Files with Dual Audio is now supported
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an Aspect Ration problem when using ProCoder and CVD resizing
  • Bug Fix: Some movie queries on IMDB could fail with a Stringlist out of bounds
  • Change: DVD2SVCD now uses two different methods to calculate the CQ value depending on if you're using CQ_VBR or just CQ
  • Bug Fix: The chapter extraction and preview would fail if the DVD had sporadic encryption
  • New Feature: Added DVD2DVD support by using Scenarist 2.6 or 2.7
  • Enhancement: Validation on the Avisynth Plugins
  • Enhancement: Different INI files is now being used all depending on what you select as Output File Type
  • Change: Moved all the AVISYNTH_ Scripts into a file called AVISYNTH.INI
  • New Feature: Added a very unintelligent AVISYNTH Script editor in the frameserver tab
  • New Feature: If you use a ~ in front of a line in the avisynth scripts that line will be put as the absolute last line in the script
  • New Feature: If you use brackets around a parameter name in the avisynth script it means it can use all kinds of characters and signs
  • Bug fix: A combination of using NTSC2PAL and External Subtitles would result in subtitles out of sync
  • Bug fix: If a subtitle only had Command data and no Pixel data dvd2svcd would hang or exit with an Access Violation
  • Bug fix: The new Avisynth 2.5 had problems using DirectShowSource on a MPEG1 file, therefore the length of the VCD muxed files could fail which would result in a no go for vcdxbuilder
  • Change: When Using CCE's 1-pass-vbr dvd2svcd used to use the calculated bitrate as Max. Bitrate in CCE, but that has changed so that it's using dvd2svcd's Max. Bitrate from the bitrate tab
  • Info: If you select "Use current encoder default matrix" but uses a CCE Template then the Matrix in the Template will be used
  • Bug fix: The Hyper Threading problem has been fixed
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