Tiny Personal Firewall 5 Pro und Server released

Software Dieses Programm ist eine stark Personal Firewall für Windows. Das sind die Features:
Built-in Intelligence
The new security platform includes built-in intelligence which allows to tie rules to various conditions. The conditions may be set ON and OFF simply by other rules or by external applications which may correlate (for example) events produced by the firewall engine. Full XML compatibility makes Tiny's platform the easy element to integrate with.

Firewall Technology for Terminal Services
The all new Tiny Software's security technology allows to create the rules for specific applications running under specific accounts and apply them simultaneously on the Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP Home and Pro and Windows 2003 Server computers. Tiny's Security platform is the only solution with such capabilities on the market and targets all multi-user environments - from Windows XP Professional to Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 Terminal Servers.

XML Driven File Access Management
Tiny Software's File Access technology represents significant approach in managing access to the file system on Windows OS. Fully XML configurable with rapid configuration changes capabilities Tiny Software's File Access technology may represent the first shot at how the upcoming generations of OS may approach the management of access to File System.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Intrusion Detection and Prevention modules are signature based and fully configurable per specific user of the computer. Tiny's IDS and IPS modules offer easy configuration of such complicated task which Intrusion Detection and Prevention represents.

New Management Server Platform (Enterprise Edition)
Tiny Firewall 5.0 comes with all new management server built on jBoss platform working with MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres databases. The installation process has been streamlined into one-click solution (except of the database installation). One server is capable of accomodating tens of thousands of clients.

Simple Management of Security Policies (Enterprise Edition)
Tiny Firewall 5.0 Enterprise Edition comes with very simple tool to build and organize sophisticated security policies. Each administrator can define the granularity of populating security plolicies based on its organization structure. Tiny Firewall 5.0 Management Server comes with LDAP and Active Directory connector, NT4 server connector and manages the accounts internally as well.

Compact Size and Build
Tiny's new technology has compact size and form.

  • 100% XML compatible configuration and event reporting
  • compact size (under 3MB for the endpoint client)
  • modular structure (Use What You Want)
  • low system requirement

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Das Programm ist Shareware und kostet als Vollversion 39$ für die HomeUser-Version und 99$ für die Pro-Version.
Weitere Infos: www.tinysoftware.com
Download: TPF5 Professional - Desktop Edition (4.1MB)
Download: TPF5 Professional - Server Edition (4.1MB)

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