Office 2003 Build 5507 jetzt auch in Deutsch


Bereits letzte Woche berichteten wir über die neue Office 2003 Build 5507, die einige Betatester per Post erhalten haben. Nun ist diese Version auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. Einzige Veränderung zum Technical Refresh ist laut Microsoft die Aktualisierung der VBA-Komponenten.

Unser Leser TodesEngel hat einige Screenshots der deutschen Version angefertigt. Vielen Dank dafür! Man findet die Bilder in unserer Screenshot-Gallerie:

Hier noch die Mail, die die Betatester erhalten haben.

We would like to thank you for participating in this pre-release program and for testing some minor changes that we recently made to VBA. While the most important focus are on VBA changes we also, for you reference, would like to call out changes to two security related features to Microsoft Office. This email describes the specific things we would like for you to test with this pre-release version. Your *rapid* feedback is very much appreciated! VBE changes Visual Basic for Applications and the Visual Basic Environment contain fixes to improve the robustness and stability of the VBA code. We expect that this will stabilize the code and fix some crashes but we are working to ensure it will not impact digitally signed documents that have VBA code or VBA cross version compatibility.

Special assistance for developers with Office 2000 and XP The VBE6.DLL installed by this release to your Program Files\Common Files\VBA\VBA6 directory will impact prior versions of Office 2000 and Office XP that might be installed on the same computer. We would like you to also test your Office 2000 and Office XP applications as well to make sure that they continue to function. In addition, if you have separate computer systems for Office 2000 and Office XP, we would like you to copy the new VBE6.DLL over the version that you have installed for the prior versions of Office. User Forms (Forms^3) and Initializing ActiveX controls in Office Documents In this release of Office, we implemented logic to control the initialization of ActiveX controls in documents that is described on the Office Resource Kit for the Microsoft Office 2003 beta at

VBA and Forms^3 now supports a similar behavior. If you use controls that are marked as Unsafe for Initialization, Office will now prompt the user to load the control in unsafe mode (the old Office XP behavior) or to load with the default properties for the control. If you have problems or need more information regarding this behavior, please email Very High security We have added a new Very High Security setting for Tools | Macro | Security dialog that can be used to effectively disable VBA macro for specific applications. Only macros that are installed in Trusted Locations will run in Very High security. If you also uncheck "Trust all installed add-ins and templates”, you will also disable all VBA, COM add-ins, Smart-Tag DLLs, etc. installed for that application. Note: This will NOT be the default setting for Office security levels. It was added based on feedback from customers who would like this level of security in very specific deployments, we believe our existing security default as the best settings for the most common scenarios of Office System use.

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